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  ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
 0002746 1 minornew2020-03-31Page entirely black
 0002745    minornew2020-03-28Can't close 'Images' choices window
 0002744    tweaknew2020-03-28Spam in tags field on Mantis
 000274211 minornew2020-03-28Parse Error building content/handlers/javascript/duktape/netsurf.bnd
 0002743 1 minornew2020-03-26Build fails on TARGET=gtk2 in content/handlers/html/html.c
 0002737    crashresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2020-03-25extended internet test popular-sites-161 crashed with a failed assertion
 0002741    minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2020-03-22Visiting about: causes assert
 0002740 1 minornew2020-03-15Contents links in WIkipedia don't work
 00026502   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2020-02-24Innapropriate error message
 0002721 1 minorassigned (Michael Drake)2020-02-24Bizarre corners on download box when viewed in high dpi
 00027383   minorfeedback2020-02-24Night mode for Netsurf
 000272722 minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2020-02-23Lines disappear at less than 100% scaling
 0002722    minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2020-02-22GTK3 UI, vertical scrollbar on newly created "welcome" tabs is wrong.
 0002735    featureacknowledged2020-02-21customizable hotkeys
 0002734    featureacknowledged2020-02-21open to last used tabs
 0002733    featureacknowledged2020-02-21enable zoom configuration
 000264541 minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2020-02-21Page fails to load with JS enabled
 00027361   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2020-02-21libnslog tests fail with latest check version 0.13
 000270221 minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2020-02-21Google no longer loads
 00026904   majorresolved (Michael Drake)2020-02-21Animated GIF causes box_coords to explode
 0002620 1 minorassigned (Vincent Sanders)2020-02-210.2.4 - test suite cscodec-utf16.c in Windows
 0002739    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2020-02-21The checkbox to disable animation won't work.
 000273212 majorresolved2020-02-21when zooming in, hyperlinks misbehave
 0002731 2 majoracknowledged2020-02-21java script does not work
 000270811 minorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2020-02-21Save size and location work partially
 000271711 crashacknowledged2020-02-21Segfault on GWR site
 000271631 crashacknowledged2020-02-21NetSurf fatal error on the down ROOL site
 000270522 minorassigned (Michael Drake)2020-02-01Text appears compressed into left-hand column
 000272431 majorresolved (Michael Drake)2020-01-01Horizontal scroll bar of text input box obscures last line
 00027281   majorresolved (John-Mark Bell)2019-12-24Error on closing windows in Choices/Configuration
 000272332 crashfeedback2019-12-09Interesting new segfault
 000272511 minorresolved (Michael Drake)2019-12-09Vertical scrollbars/arrows not working
 00027091   minorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-12-01UTF8 text in caption not properly decoded
 000268254 crashacknowledged2019-11-30Occasional crash
 00026861   minorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-11-30Add webp to the SDK
 000270111 featureresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-11-30[PATCH] Add libwebp to arm-unknown-riscos and i686-w64-mingw32 targets
 000268931 minorresolved (Michael Drake)2019-11-30Unwanted vertical scroll bars on content
 0002720    featureresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-11-30Please add middle-click on tab to close.
 000268832 minorassigned (Michael Drake)2019-11-30No images visible
 000271033 minorresolved2019-11-29Preformatted text fails to align
 00026951   minorresolved2019-11-29"newly opened tabs are blank" not completely implemented
 00026941   minoracknowledged2019-11-29feature request: scroll down a page with space bar
 00026523   minorassigned (Michael Drake)2019-11-29http://www.amigans.net/ is missing title bar
 000264911 minorassigned (Vincent Sanders)2019-11-29Direct image viewing bugs
 000271811 trivialresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-11-13NetBSD has strcasestr and NetBSD 8 or later has strchrnul
 00027151   majorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-11-07Can't type into a reply box on ROOL web site
 00025141   featureresolved (Michael Drake)2019-10-26Full Save
 000271231 minorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-10-25Warning from NetSurf: Unknown
 000268721 crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-10-21Crash on complete save
 000270721 minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-10-21Times out if server requires login and does not accept second connection
 00021991   majorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-10-19integer overflow in gtk download progress window with files > 2GB
 0002696    majorconfirmed (Vincent Sanders)2019-10-16editing inside text widgets in forms does not implement all the normal features of GTK
 000267652 majorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-10-16[NetSurf] 3.9-dev crash while download a file.
 0002706 1 majoracknowledged2019-10-15built via quick step help says 3.10, cannot login to wordpress or associated message board
 000249110   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-09-09Memory leaks in libdom
 000248952 minorresolved (Chris Young)2019-09-08Memory leaks
 00026343   crashacknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2019-09-08crash in fetch_curl_poll
 00026404   minoracknowledged (Daniel Silverstone)2019-09-08Cannot browse Twitter
 00024903   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-09-07Memory leaks in libwapcaplet
 000269951 majorconfirmed2019-09-01Googkle home page inacessible in RISC OS NetSurf
 0002697    minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-08-21back navigation is inconsistent
 00026921   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-08-16Generated privicy error page shows SSLCertErrUnknown
 0002691    minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-08-14issue with privacy query interface
 000269322 majorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-08-12Mailto link causes instant crash
 0002673121 crashresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-08-12Crashing, Closing when going to some websites.
 000267551 majoracknowledged2019-08-03All HTTPS results in "Problem with the SSL CA cert "
 00019832   featureresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-08-02history window - open scrolled to the current thumbnail
 00026642   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-08-02In-progress curl fetches which are active during shutdown of the browser will never be freed
 000230752 minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-08-02duck duck go search engine shows a blank page
 00026581   crashresolved (Michael Drake)2019-08-01Crash on homepage call
 0002685    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2019-08-01Buggy image dragging on windows
 000261711 minorresolved2019-08-01[PATCH] add lcc compiler detection
 000261922 majoracknowledged (Daniel Silverstone)2019-08-010.3.5 -tokenizer2 test fails to compile
 00026331   minoracknowledged (Daniel Silverstone)2019-08-01Test runner can't handle certain buffering cases, causing spurious test failures
 0000448    minoracknowledged2019-08-01Plot order for CSS positioned elements
 0002651    featureacknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2019-08-01Nightly as unpackable zips
 000266021 crashresolved2019-08-01Crashes reliably with javascript and plugins disabled
 000268311 trivialresolved2019-08-01small typo in docs
 000266122 trivialresolved2019-08-01proposing comment correction and small simplification of code
 000267411 minoracknowledged2019-08-01popular sites parallel
 000268433 crashacknowledged2019-08-01Various segfault crashes
 000268141 minorresolved (Michael Drake)2019-07-31PNGs displayed with wrong aspect ratio
 0002637    minoracknowledged2019-07-21Inability to paste or drag urls into NetSurf
 00025783   minorconfirmed (Chris Young)2019-07-01Unable to type using Amiga-1251 charset
 000267711 minoracknowledged2019-06-30graphic not rendered correctly
 00026593   minoracknowledged2019-06-13German eBay-Site doesn't show complete scollbar
 00026651   minorresolved (Michael Drake)2019-06-09Error recovery in parsing of media query lists
 000238341 minorconfirmed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-06-05Website displaying without CSS
 0002662 1 minorconfirmed2019-06-03Bottom margin incorrectly "escapes" parent with border
 00026561   minorconfirmed2019-05-28IMDb support page renders as blank
 00026541   majoracknowledged2019-05-24Warning from Netsurf - Couldn't use specified SSL cipher
 00026411   majorresolved (Michael Drake)2019-05-12CSS properties inheritance
 0002613    majoracknowledged2019-05-06Warning Timeout was Reached.
 0002638    minoracknowledged2019-05-06Full Save loses <Map> coordinates
 0002639 1 minorassigned (Michael Drake)2019-05-06The "cursor" subtype of the icon format is not recognized.
 000264323 crashacknowledged2019-05-06Segfault when linked against ld-musl-i386.so.1
 00021611   minoracknowledged2019-05-06Intermittent display of static Google PNG route map (AA web site)
 000248815 majorconfirmed2019-05-06Framebuffer bad endianness when loading images
 000248711 majorconfirmed2019-05-06X framebuffer displays garbage with low values of -b
 00020472   minorconfirmed2019-05-06Blank pages
 00025741   majoracknowledged2019-05-06Internation char input support ?
 00025751   tweakconfirmed2019-05-06When opening a link in a new tab with the middle mouse button focus for scrolling down has changed
 00025685   blockacknowledged2019-05-06Netsurf-fb: Unable to initialize framebuffer
 000255221 crashacknowledged2019-04-18Crashing and inability to use browser
 00025991   minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2019-02-17libsvgtiny uses sscanf() to parse decimal fractions in path data, which is locale-dependent
 000262311 minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-02-16libdom is unusable - include/dom/inttypes.h
 000256331 minorconfirmed2018-12-19CSS is hiding captcha
 000257332 majorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2018-10-01Page layout problems
 00026092   minoracknowledged2018-08-28Scroll bar issue when zooming-in
 000260651 minoracknowledged2018-08-28Refresh page fails to refresh
 00026101   tweakacknowledged2018-08-28Hotlist-window could always be dragged off screen, even if this isn't allowed in the system-conf
 00004674   minorconfirmed2018-07-29Word wrap error
 0002601    minoracknowledged2018-07-20Text boxes do not render text reliably at 150% magnification font
 0002603 1 tweakacknowledged2018-07-20first field in dialogue is too small, won't resize
 0002604    featureacknowledged2018-07-20Plain, standard icon for saved web pages as alternative to autogenerated thumbnail images
 000260211 minoracknowledged2018-07-20Mouse pointer-sized junk appears when scrolling
 000258512 minorassigned (Michael Drake)2018-06-29Left-hand column of images overlays text
 00023061   minoracknowledged2018-04-25Automatic backend, width, height and bpp by default
 00025641   minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2018-04-22[CSS calc() function] Text overflows the RHS of the window
 00025921   featureacknowledged2018-04-21SVG rendering has errors
 00025911   majoracknowledged2018-04-21when zooming in, links and searches don't use the correct offset
 0002576    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2018-04-21bug report webpage and man page lack details where to find log file
 00025711   featureacknowledged2018-04-21Confirm before leaving page
 0002557 1 minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2018-04-21Thread thumbnails on 4chan are shifted up by 10 pixels per thread.
 0002548    majorconfirmed2018-04-21einwahl http://www.gmx.net ist nicht mölich (fehlendes Java ?)
 0002547    featureacknowledged2018-04-21[Netsurf KolibriOS] kos32-gcc toolchain not built from source
 0002536 1 minorresolved2018-04-21Build failure with GCC 7.1 due to implicit-fallthrough
 00023121   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2018-04-21"No package libexpat-devel available" on ns-package-install
 00023111   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2018-04-21Package gperf dependency to build on CentOS 7
 000237122 minoracknowledged2018-01-08Browser doesn't stay logged in on Dreamwidth
 000210022 minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2018-01-07Box size incorrect on Eurogamer
 000255425 crashacknowledged2017-10-15since the program starts the 1st window somewhat incomplete freezes
 000210662 minoracknowledged2017-10-03Resolving timed out after 30000 milliseconds
 00004912   minorconfirmed2017-09-09LAYOUT: ScummVM.org slightly deranged
 00005264   minorassigned (Michael Drake)2017-09-09URIs with embedded auth details containing '@'
 00025423   minorconfirmed2017-06-10Build failure against upstream's utf8proc due to moved header
 0002533 1 minorconfirmed2017-06-09Proxy settings not working
 0002535 1 majoracknowledged2017-06-09form can not be submitted or button can not be activated
 0002538    majoracknowledged2017-06-09dukky_document_write: error; no parser for htmlc
 0002543 1 minoracknowledged2017-06-09Error when loading files with "/" in media name.
 000254112 minoracknowledged2017-06-09GMail inbox no longer displays when JavaScript enabled
 000242632 minoracknowledged2017-05-09Page takes a long time to process and is unreadable
 000040023 minorconfirmed2017-05-09at800 webite layout incorrect
 00004432   minorassigned (Michael Drake)2017-04-28global history expires incorrectly
 0002524    featureconfirmed2017-04-23Copy on selection
 0002525    featureacknowledged2017-04-23Spoof referer option
 0002527    minoracknowledged2017-04-23startpage.com background image wrong scaling
 0002528    minoracknowledged2017-04-23https://www.magiccardmarket.eu/ unusable
 000252342 crashacknowledged2017-04-23Crash on wikipedia
 00025262   featureacknowledged2017-04-23Open bookmark in new tab, not new window
 00025301   featureconfirmed2017-03-31Unable to use the Print function in Amiga OS
 0002437    featureacknowledged2017-03-30Double-clicking website in Hotlist window should open tab not a new window!
 000252931 crashacknowledged2017-03-27Crash at shutdown
 000252131 minorconfirmed2017-02-11Inputs with attributes "readonly" or "disabled" are rendered inconsitently
 000251911 featureacknowledged2017-01-29Add setter for Document::cookie
 00025022   minoracknowledged2017-01-29Twitch doesn't load fully
 00025012   minorconfirmed2017-01-28Issue with FreewareFiles.com
 00025031   tweakacknowledged2017-01-28Auto Reload Function
 0002516 1 crashacknowledged2017-01-28Crash on Facebook
 000251721 minoracknowledged2017-01-28libsvgtiny fails to build with gperf-3.1
 000251511 crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2017-01-25Malformed gifs can cause bad array indexing in gif_decode_frame()
 00024991   featureacknowledged2017-01-22Feature suggestion regarding Bookmark Folders
 00024981   tweakacknowledged2017-01-22Suggestion for the Bookmarks dialog
 00025041   featureacknowledged2017-01-22Sessions support
 00024962   majoracknowledged2017-01-22new tab are not real, updates always are on first tab
 0002497    tweakacknowledged2017-01-18Suggestion for Keyboard Shortcut
 000251211 crashacknowledged2017-01-153.7 #3955
 0002494112 crashacknowledged (Dave Higton)2017-01-13Won'l run after fresh install/update.
 00025091   minoracknowledged2017-01-11Direct Torrents doesn't work properly
 00025081   minoracknowledged2017-01-114chan Images aren't positioned properly
 00025051   minoracknowledged2017-01-11Issue with the Button/Address Bar
 0002510    minoracknowledged2017-01-11Issue with XenForo's forum software spoiler tag
 00024731   crashacknowledged2016-12-31error building with libharu 2.2.1 : implicit declaration haru_nsfont_apply_style
 0002485    minoracknowledged2016-12-31Page content overwritten with blank
 000246922 majoracknowledged2016-12-31Endianness issues in libnsfb and netsurf-fb
 0002495    textacknowledged2016-12-31Aminet.net
 0002480 1 minoracknowledged2016-11-22New tabs when scrolling down on tab list
 00022112   crashacknowledged2016-11-21Crash in Google Translate
 00023137   majorconfirmed2016-11-20Entity ref fetching in libdom is broken
 00024632   minoracknowledged2016-09-21Drag-scrolling does not work on The Register site
 0002470    minoracknowledged2016-09-21Layout issues on Swanage Lifeboat site
 00024611   featureacknowledged2016-08-14http Digest authentication not implemented (RFC 7616)
 00024581   majoracknowledged2016-08-10nsgenbind fails on OpenBSD/sparc64
 00020171   featureacknowledged2016-08-06Password manager/form filler
 0002456    minoracknowledged2016-06-28F6 doesn't open Bookmarks if mouse is over window
 0002454 1 minoracknowledged2016-06-28can not get keyboard event, Button can not be activated
 0002452 1 minoracknowledged2016-06-28"white-space: normal" has no effect on "display: inline-block" elements.
 0002451    minoracknowledged2016-06-28Input field has vanished on Linguee.com site
 0002448    minoracknowledged2016-06-28Cannot select search engine, only Google visible
 00024571   trivialacknowledged (Chris Young)2016-06-25Grey bars are visible while page being scrolled
 000245511 crashacknowledged2016-05-09EMT Trap
 000245331 crashacknowledged2016-05-09SegFault
 000244924 minorconfirmed (Chris Young)2016-05-02IFF DR2D export creates invalid file
 0002376 1 majorassigned (Vincent Sanders)2016-04-12Javascript content needs to be converted and cleaned up
 000222811 crashacknowledged2016-04-12Possible race condition with scheduler
 00024431   blockconfirmed2016-03-16form gadget lifetime is broken
 00024292   minoracknowledged2016-03-07Button onclick does not run
 000243031 minoracknowledged2016-03-07onClick in 'a' tag is ignored
 0002431 1 minorconfirmed2016-03-07libdom testsuite uses reserved identifiers
 0002432 1 minorconfirmed2016-03-07libcss testsuite uses reserved identifiers
 0002434 1 featureacknowledged2016-03-07Ordered list numbering - does not support a starting number
 0002436    featureacknowledged2016-03-07Reopen websites that were open (when last quit)
 0002438    featureacknowledged2016-03-07Hotlist window should remember which folders I had open (even after quitting)
 000243911 crashacknowledged2016-03-07Crash on loading 'thepoke' website
 0002411    majoracknowledged2016-03-07Page is not rendered correctly
 000242821 crashconfirmed2016-03-07Segfault on saving image
 00023205   minoracknowledged2016-02-28Cannot search for accented characters
 00024271   minoracknowledged2016-02-28Obscurred columns
 00024252   crashconfirmed2016-02-16once app has started clicking on the netsurf icon in the dock causes a segfault
 000242421 majoracknowledged2016-02-10Warning Message from NetSurf
 000235621 majoracknowledged2016-02-10Crash on transferring to new link
 0002423    minoracknowledged2016-02-10Button cannot be activated
 00024215   majorconfirmed (Dave Higton)2016-02-10Mailto link doesn't work
 000235011 majoracknowledged2016-02-04Problem accessing page on Puritan's Pride Website
 0002412    minoracknowledged2016-02-03Page is not rendered .
 00024095   minoracknowledged2016-02-02All text is displayed centred on fanfiction.net
 0002406    minoracknowledged2016-01-07HTML form with 'on submit' attribute does not appear to run Javascript
 0002399    tweakacknowledged2015-12-03https://essex.rewardgateway.co.uk has to have JS disabled to load
 00022701   featureacknowledged (Chris Young)2015-11-15Program-tabs, a feature that allows you to have certain tabs opened when launching the browser.
 00023792   minorconfirmed2015-11-04Another case of non-scrolling
 0002378 2 minoracknowledged2015-11-03No image visible on Flickr
 0000513    minorconfirmed2015-10-31RISC OS: redraw errors with EX=0 and EY=0
 0002026    featureacknowledged2015-10-31Inconsistency in toolbar changes
 0001910    featureconfirmed2015-10-31Alt image text in 'About this object' window
 00019971   featureacknowledged2015-10-31Image Object Options
 000207811 minoracknowledged2015-10-31Slow shutdown
 0002108    featureacknowledged2015-10-31Tabbed browsing on RISC OS
 0001920    featureconfirmed2015-10-31Copy link to clipboard
 00004292   minoracknowledged2015-10-31Themes are not installed when clicking a theme link
 00019511   featureacknowledged2015-10-31Handle dataload for generic dialogs
 00019082   featureacknowledged2015-10-31Default downloads directory
 00023591   minoracknowledged2015-10-31Using Firefox, "Application error #2800" prevents bug report submission
 0002374    minorconfirmed2015-10-31Framebuffer front end explodes on startup when initial window size is too small
 00004633   minorconfirmed2015-10-31'new-look' Register: full-save fails
 00005192   minoracknowledged2015-10-31Wrong filesize during download
 00003812   minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2015-10-30Minor scaling bug
 0002365 4 majoracknowledged2015-10-28RTL layout is messed up
 00023612   crashacknowledged2015-10-06System crashes at sparkasse-hochfranken.de when typing
 00023411   minoracknowledged2015-08-24Cache does not work
 00023371   minoracknowledged2015-08-24New Window - bad url
 000228121 minoracknowledged2015-08-24Netsurf cannot log into squirrelmail
 000233522 majoracknowledged2015-07-27Not all content is shown in window
 00022291   minoracknowledged2015-07-25F6 does not open Bookmarks/Hotlist
 00020302   featureconfirmed (Vincent Sanders)2015-06-26Invalid URLs are silently ignored when entered in URL bar
 0002323    minoracknowledged2015-06-24Invisible links
 0002324    minoracknowledged2015-06-24Websites showing the mobile version
 00022922   minoracknowledged2015-05-12menu items have "gtk" prepended
 000041721 minorconfirmed2015-04-24entity names not spaced properly
 000230911 minoracknowledged2015-04-20Bottom of text lines clipped in search results on Linguee.com
 0002304 1 minoracknowledged2015-04-05NetSurf dislays blank page
 000230312 minorconfirmed2015-04-03The layout of the article div on the central somerset gazette is wrong
 0002300    trivialacknowledged2015-04-02Random interruption, no crash
 00019712   featureacknowledged2015-03-31Copy or save Cookie
 000212832 crashconfirmed2015-03-29Freeze on forum page
 0002295    minoracknowledged2015-03-27Writable icon displaced on streetmap.co.uk search
 0002293    tweakacknowledged2015-03-19Layout distorted on gamescoffer.co.uk
 00004052   minoracknowledged2015-03-18Odd effect using <h1> on very small pages
 00005291   minoracknowledged2015-03-16Export as Draw from eBay generates mangled file
 00019372   featureacknowledged2015-03-16Mouse click to open URL
 00019681   featureacknowledged2015-03-16Add chkspr utility to Full Save
 00022871   minoracknowledged2015-03-152D panning (using adjust) does not work properly if the h-scroll bar is tiny.
 000228811 minoracknowledged2015-03-15Graphics image alignment incorrect
 0002021    featureacknowledged2015-03-10Support text-align: justify
 0000447    minoracknowledged2015-03-10Ctrl-drag to save image doesn't work inside frames
 0001964    featureacknowledged2015-03-10Edit 'Recent URL' display
 0000501    minoracknowledged2015-03-10Framebuffer(?) front end doesn't allow 401 HTTP Auth.
 00004981   minorconfirmed2015-03-10Possible OL glitch
 000044521 minorconfirmed2015-03-10table background colour error
 0001873    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10libnsfb: make xcb, sdl, vnc optional via Makefile.config
 0000387    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Can't override CFLAGS at command line
 00004303   minorconfirmed2015-03-02Text selection issues
 0002268    featureacknowledged2015-02-04Tab to switch from location bar to search bar (or keyboard shortcut for search)
 00020962   featureacknowledged2015-01-28Request using curl's builtin https capability vs directly using openssl
 0002249    featureacknowledged2015-01-16Color options doesn't work in fb
 0002242 1 minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2015-01-16every other keystroke lost when using VNC
 0002243    minoracknowledged2014-12-18Image links on Express newspaper
 0002244    featureacknowledged2014-12-18Can't download a file from vidown.net
 00022401   featureacknowledged2014-12-18Please add tab index support.
 0002238    tweakacknowledged2014-12-07Change.org massively scaled images
 0002237    featureacknowledged2014-12-07Filtering of drop-down lists - feature request
 0002236 1 majoracknowledged2014-12-04wrong text rendering
 00022341   featureacknowledged2014-12-04Please add auto-hide cursor functionality.
 0002233 1 minoracknowledged2014-12-01Page fails to display correctly
 00003881   minorassigned (Michael Drake)2014-12-01Fritz!Box fails
 000217495 minoracknowledged2014-12-01Failed writing header
 0002223    minoracknowledged (Michael Drake)2014-12-01Britmovie rendering
 0002220    minorconfirmed (John-Mark Bell)2014-11-15No cycle detection in fetch/cache code
 00019291   featureassigned (Michael Drake)2014-10-10facility to copy from global history to hotlist
 0001960    featureassigned (Michael Drake)2014-10-10Allow Object URLs to be added to hotlist/dragged from URL
 0001991    featureassigned (Michael Drake)2014-10-10Cut and paste Hotlist
 0001957    featureassigned (Michael Drake)2014-10-10Adding a new address to a hotlist directory
 0002200    majoracknowledged2014-09-19while download progress window is displayed, netsurf uses 100% CPU
 000204581 majorconfirmed2014-09-19nsgtk: regression in the Preferences window
 000219811 minoracknowledged2014-09-14Crash on loading a page from dailymail.co.uk
 00021961   minoracknowledged2014-09-08Javascript not working
 0002192    majorconfirmed (Vincent Sanders)2014-09-06-Werror should be disabled for releases (tarballs)
 0002193 1 minoracknowledged2014-09-06patch for gperf inline warning
 000218822 minorconfirmed2014-09-03cannot get to e-mail log-in page
 0000002    majoracknowledged2014-09-02m68k-atari-mint linker fails to embedd surfaces of libnsfb
 00004501   minorconfirmed2014-09-02Problems with displaying very wide panoramic jpegs
 0002141    featureconfirmed (Vincent Sanders)2014-08-18llcache persistant storage should use disc_cache_age
 000213021 crashacknowledged2014-08-04Crash on forum page
 00020592   majorconfirmed2014-08-03Atari toolchain(s) do not work
 00021601   minorconfirmed2014-08-03https://duckduckgo.com/html searchs reset to search form on refresh or history browsing
 000217612 minorconfirmed2014-08-03Rendering Issue - companycheck.co.uk
 0002180 1 minoracknowledged2014-08-03SVG images with transparent backgrounds overlap when zoomed
 00021731   minoracknowledged2014-07-24image not rendered in the Independent news-page
 0002155    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2014-07-21Unable to build libnsfb
 000212112 minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2014-07-19CSS alpha support
 000209026 featureacknowledged (John-Mark Bell)2014-06-12updating some tokeniser test to html5lib
 0002091    featureacknowledged2014-06-12No option offered to open a downloaded pdf file.
 00021294   crashconfirmed (Michael Drake)2014-06-04Assert when selecting plain text
 0002132    minoracknowledged2014-05-28Incorrect rendering of a button on the HSBC site
 0002118 1 crashacknowledged2014-05-08Crash on .gov.uk website
 000210411 minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2014-04-26text entry field displaced
 0002093 1 crashacknowledged2014-04-12Segmentation Fault
 0002099    minoracknowledged (Michael Drake)2014-03-26missing spaces in highlighted text
 000207021 featureconfirmed2014-03-22Netsurf can't render placeholders in input boxes.
 000208732 minorconfirmed2014-03-17Stylesheets not loading
 0002094    minorconfirmed2014-03-16Can't open new tab with blank url.
 0002088 1 minoracknowledged2014-03-06Mssing captcha on fanfiction.net log-in
 0002086    minoracknowledged2014-03-06Input field too small
 0002075    minoracknowledged2014-02-12Formatting and download problems
 00004391   minoracknowledged2014-02-09Links in Framesets
 00004791   minoracknowledged2014-02-09BT Group formatting problem
 00020061   featureacknowledged2014-02-09Image Blacklist
 00020101   featureacknowledged2014-02-09Show link title
 00019471   featureacknowledged2014-02-09Turn off document colours
 00004381   featureacknowledged2014-02-09Can't save images defined in stylesheets
 000050431 minoracknowledged2014-02-09Nested table alignment
 00020181   featureacknowledged2014-02-09Save page/object filename extension
 00020201   featureacknowledged2014-02-09Downloading from URL/URI link
 00019991   featureacknowledged2014-02-09Option to trim Google redirect
 00019171   featureacknowledged2014-02-09netsurf to emulate wget
 00004702   minorconfirmed2014-02-09yahoo groups blank page
 00004072   minorconfirmed2014-02-09Failure to render TPS home page.
 000042222 minorconfirmed2014-02-09Crash on National Archives site.
 00020681   minorconfirmed2014-02-09Dynamic pseudo classes
 00020691   featureconfirmed2014-02-09Problem with submitting information to the Mantis bug tracker
 0002065    crashacknowledged2014-02-02Random crashes on certain websites
 0001376    minorconfirmed2014-01-26CAPTION is not processed correctly
 00005081   featureacknowledged (Michael Drake)2014-01-04Treeview improvement
 00019091   featureconfirmed2014-01-04CSS pseudo-classes
 000048111 minoracknowledged2013-12-27ordered list numbers hidden by adjoining image
 0001903    featureacknowledged2013-12-24Allow history navigation using mouse clicks, custom clicks
 0001975    featureacknowledged2013-12-24View CSS as well as source
 0001936    featureacknowledged2013-12-24Auto incrementing URLs
 0001974    featureacknowledged2013-12-24Site/Cookie managment facilities
 0001980    featureacknowledged2013-12-24Resolver should use default domain(s)
 0001984    featureacknowledged2013-12-24User text in forms to be preserved on using back button
 0001987    featureacknowledged2013-12-24Shorter/configurable timeouts, esp. for stylesheets
 0000455    minoracknowledged2013-12-24title="" attribute displayed wrongly on 'float'ed elements
 0000456    minorconfirmed2013-12-24CSS3 selectors test doesn't pass
 0001994    featureacknowledged2013-12-24Display interlaced gifs progressively
 0001992    featureacknowledged2013-12-24Displaying google maps
 0002002    featureacknowledged2013-12-24Forcing text selection
 000043212 minorconfirmed2013-12-24Layout Problem on www.bahn.de
 0001978    featureacknowledged2013-12-23SVG support
 0000457    minoracknowledged2013-12-23LloydsTSB front page rendering
 0002007    featureacknowledged2013-12-23Image gesture
 0000480    minoracknowledged2013-12-23Column widths incorrect
 00004761   minorconfirmed2013-12-23Leading space within em tags not rendered
 00004971   minorconfirmed2013-12-23PDF-export doesn't work
 0002013    featureacknowledged2013-12-23associate external editor
 0002015    featureacknowledged2013-12-23Old Search shortcut
 0000492    minoracknowledged2013-12-23log in box hidden
 0001921    featureacknowledged2013-12-23Substitute space for %20 in download file names
 0001969    featureacknowledged2013-12-23Support for eSpeak program (Jonathan Duddington GNU)
 0001922    featureacknowledged2013-12-23Search web for "highlighted text"
 0001952    featureacknowledged2013-12-23Processing Instructions
 0001955    featureacknowledged2013-12-23Display 'alt' text for image upon mouse-over
 0000506    minoracknowledged2013-12-20Netsurf 2.6 framebuffer has not keyboard shortcuts
 0002011    featureacknowledged2013-12-20Screen real estate
 0000515    minoracknowledged2013-12-20Table align non centered
 0000499    minoracknowledged2013-12-20Poor display of saved files
 0000527    minoracknowledged2013-12-20Cannot log into T-Mobile
 0002003    featureacknowledged2013-12-20hotlist in framebuffer build
 0001995    featureacknowledged2013-12-20Print entry on object submenu
 00005172   minorconfirmed2013-12-19target="_parent" not handled correctly within frames.
 0000511    minoracknowledged2013-12-19KLM website poor interaction
 000052313 minorconfirmed2013-12-19body height ignored and scrolling not working properly
 000052411 minorconfirmed2013-12-19Presence of scrollbars necessitates scrollbars
 0002038    featureacknowledged2013-12-19Close All Tabs Except Active
 0001913    featureacknowledged2013-12-18A shortcut to save URL to hotlist
 00004831   minoracknowledged2013-12-18Session cookies not created for local website
 0002041    featureacknowledged2013-12-18Add caret and Delete key to framebuffer
 00020121   featureconfirmed2013-12-18Remote access Logmein
 00019981   featureacknowledged2013-12-18Open links in new tab
 000042711 minorconfirmed2013-12-18Right-to-left languages not rendered correctly
 00005323   minorconfirmed2013-12-18Page www.golem.de fails to load a lot of images
 00004261   minorconfirmed2013-12-17onSubmit not working
 000041211 minorconfirmed2013-12-17Table footer comes out at the top
 0000404 2 minorconfirmed2013-12-17Unaligned boxes at high resolutions
 00004161   featureacknowledged2013-12-17CSS position:fixed ignored