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0001903NetSurf[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-12-24 15:17
ReporterRob Kendrick 
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Summary0001903: Allow history navigation using mouse clicks, custom clicks

Allow the user to go back/fowards in the history using
mouse clicks. Futher, allow the user to customise what
mouse buttons do what, including choices for:
 * Follow link
 * Follow link in new window
 * Popup menu (future feature)
 * Scroll page up
 * Scroll page down
 * Back in history
 * Forward in history

Make sure system is extensible for other possibilities
Additional Informationnobody added a note on Thu Feb 1 14:47:22 2007

Perhaps 'a history search' facility as well? I was trying to reuse an old Google search recently, and while getting the google.com bit back was easy, the remainder of the precise URL I wanted to retrieve began with '/search?as_q=&hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1& . . .' and I could not remember enough of it to activate NetSurf's auto-complete facility. Eventually I delved into the URL file inside !Boot.Choices, searched for part of the search term I could remember, and reconstructed the rest of the search parameters that way.

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