2021-08-04 09:56 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000282422 featurenew2021-07-05Porting to GNU/Hurd
  0002826 1 crashnew2021-06-18Segmentation Fault
  0002825    minornew2021-06-08Possibility of using libpencil on other platforms
  00028221   featurenew2021-06-06img data-src=
  00028231   trivialnew2021-05-28Spam in Mantis comments
  000237162 minoracknowledged2021-05-28Browser doesn't stay logged in on Dreamwidth
  000282143 crashnew2021-05-20Version (Dev CI#5290) crashes on opening site .
  000281831 majorfeedback (Michael Drake)2021-05-10Regresssion in css_font_resolution_fn: Unit values no longer passed to computed values
  0002820    minornew2021-05-08Some search engines broken
  0002819 1 featurenew2021-05-07select_generator.py improvements: Deterministic sort order & newlines, fix Python 3 warnings
  0002817    minornew2021-04-23No visible text
  00028112   minornew2021-04-23HTML bookmarks won't work in Netsurf
  000281412 minornew2021-04-14nsgenbind crashed while processing duktape/binding.h
  000275911 blocknew2021-04-14The installation package on the site is not working on MacOS Catalina
  0002816    textnew2021-04-14NetSurf is now available in MacPorts
  0002815    minornew2021-04-14implicit declaration of function 'strcasestr' is invalid in C99
  0002813 1 minornew2021-04-14Makefile hardcodes perl; should use $(PERL)
  0002812 1 crashnew2021-04-12Illegal Window Handle
  0002803    featurenew2021-04-04Add DuckDuckGo Search button on welcome.html page
  0002773    minornew2021-04-04Text cursor does not follow the page scrolling
  0002810 1 crashnew2021-03-28NetSurf crashes on specific website
  0002809 1 minornew2021-03-22error: unknown type name 'DIR'
  000280731 tweaknew2021-03-21error: 'X509_V_ERR_HOSTNAME_MISMATCH' undeclared
  00028081   tweaknew2021-03-21error: X509_CHECK_FLAG_NO_PARTIAL_WILDCARDS undeclared
  000244934 minorconfirmed (Chris Young)2021-02-18IFF DR2D export creates invalid file
  0002806 1 crashnew2021-01-29NetSurf crashes during startup
  0002805    minornew2021-01-11Wrong Exec entry in .desktop file if built with GTK3
  000279711 minorfeedback (Michael Drake)2021-01-02Handling of CSS @media rules appears to have changed
  00028002   minorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2021-01-02Back / forward mouse buttons doesn't work
  00028045   featureassigned (Vincent Sanders)2020-12-30Close/exit button in global history window
  00027996   minoracknowledged2020-12-30Drag from URL bar no longer saves/inserts text
  000280232 minornew2020-12-29Adding compatibility library to CFLAGS unexpectedly changes option to be rpl_option
  00003813   minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2020-12-27Minor scaling bug
  000280121 featurenew2020-12-07Non-URLs in URL bar, should forward to search in current / default search engine
  0002796    minornew2020-11-21Using hyperlink nullifies superscript effecy
  0002795 1 crashnew2020-11-09Seg Fault when quit from iconbar menu.
  000276412 minorassigned (Michael Drake)2020-11-07History/cookies entries not clickable
  000204592 majorconfirmed2020-10-26nsgtk: regression in the Preferences window
  000279111 majoracknowledged (Daniel Silverstone)2020-10-04Multiple download issues with large moddb file
  000278922 crashresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2020-10-02Crashes found from fuzzing
  000279311 crashfeedback2020-10-01NS installs ok on icon bar, but immediate crash at NS start/openup 1st window
  0002792    minornew2020-08-30Incorrect use of MIME type "image/x-xbitmap"
  00022001   majoracknowledged2020-08-26while download progress window is displayed, netsurf uses 100% CPU
  00027901   majornew2020-08-17Privacy error
  000278811 featureresolved (Vincent Sanders)2020-08-16Support Ctrl+A in the address bar
  00027877   crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2020-08-15Unable to find resource pageinfo.gtk2.ui on resource path
  000278612 majorassigned (Michael Drake)2020-07-31Whitespace after an open-span-tag is not being considered when rendering
  000278311 crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2020-07-27Segmentation Fault
  0002785    minornew2020-07-26Clientmap problem
  000263321 minoracknowledged (Daniel Silverstone)2020-07-25Test runner can't handle certain buffering cases, causing spurious test failures