2020-10-20 21:58 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000279111 majoracknowledged (Daniel Silverstone)2020-10-04Multiple download issues with large moddb file
  000278922 crashresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2020-10-02Crashes found from fuzzing
  000279311 crashfeedback2020-10-01NS installs ok on icon bar, but immediate crash at NS start/openup 1st window
  0002792    minornew2020-08-30Incorrect use of MIME type "image/x-xbitmap"
  00022001   majoracknowledged2020-08-26while download progress window is displayed, netsurf uses 100% CPU
  00027901   majornew2020-08-17Privacy error
  000278811 featureresolved (Vincent Sanders)2020-08-16Support Ctrl+A in the address bar
  00027877   crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2020-08-15Unable to find resource pageinfo.gtk2.ui on resource path
  000278612 majorassigned (Michael Drake)2020-07-31Whitespace after an open-span-tag is not being considered when rendering
  000278311 crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2020-07-27Segmentation Fault
  0002785    minornew2020-07-26Clientmap problem
  000263321 minoracknowledged (Daniel Silverstone)2020-07-25Test runner can't handle certain buffering cases, causing spurious test failures
  00027814   blocknew2020-07-12make fails on attempt to find gtk+ library
  000192011 featureconfirmed2020-07-02Copy link to clipboard
  000237142 minoracknowledged2020-07-01Browser doesn't stay logged in on Dreamwidth
  0002782    minornew2020-07-01Test failure with rfc1123_date
  00026524   minorassigned (Michael Drake)2020-06-26http://www.amigans.net/ is missing title bar
  0002779    minornew2020-06-18Test failures (bloom, hashtable) on Gentoo
  0002778    blocknew2020-06-18"multiple definition of `fb_regular_sections'" When trying to build.
  0002777 1 majornew2020-06-10Constant cpu load
  000274763 crashacknowledged2020-06-09NetSurf crash when opening window (browser, hotlist, global history).
  0002776    majornew2020-06-03selecting proxy type is not saved in the "Choices" file
  00027711   minornew2020-06-03The form data from a recently visited page are not preserved
  0002775    minornew2020-06-02URLs get truncated/corrupted on drag
  00025784   minorresolved (Chris Young)2020-06-01Unable to type using Amiga-1251 charset
  0002774 1 majornew2020-06-01Non-standard work on Amiga with russian language
  0002773    minornew2020-05-29Text cursor does not follow the page scrolling
  0002772    minornew2020-05-29Cookies/URLs/Hotlist are saved on a successful exit only
  0002770    minornew2020-05-29Checkboxes and buttons are not tabstopped
  000274032 minorassigned2020-05-26Contents links in WIkipedia don't work
  0002769    minornew2020-05-26Full save externalises all internal links
  00027603   minorassigned (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-26Disk cache not working on AmigaOS3.9
  0002768    minornew2020-05-25Search term in cookies window should be emptied on close
  0002764 2 minorassigned (Michael Drake)2020-05-24History/cookies entries not clickable
  0002766 1 minornew2020-05-24Unable to control cache maintenance
  0002765 1 minornew2020-05-24Help content doesn't open
  000268264 crashacknowledged2020-05-23Occasional crash
  0002746 1 minoracknowledged2020-05-21Page entirely black
  00027512   featureacknowledged2020-05-21Javascript errors out
  0002755 1 featureassigned (Michael Drake)2020-05-21Scrollbar issues
  000275614 minoracknowledged2020-05-21Links not visible/clickable
  0002757 2 majoracknowledged2020-05-21Top area of os4depot.net site are not visible (AmigaOS4 port)
  0002759 1 blocknew2020-05-20The installation package on the site is not working on MacOS Catalina
  000256861 blockacknowledged2020-04-18Netsurf-fb: Unable to initialize framebuffer
  0002721 1 minorassigned (Michael Drake)2020-02-24Bizarre corners on download box when viewed in high dpi
  00027383   minorfeedback2020-02-24Night mode for Netsurf
  000272722 minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2020-02-23Lines disappear at less than 100% scaling
  0002735    featureacknowledged2020-02-21customizable hotkeys
  0002734    featureacknowledged2020-02-21open to last used tabs
  0002733    featureacknowledged2020-02-21enable zoom configuration