2018-08-19 14:42 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00026002   minoracknowledged2018-08-19authentication dead-end for site asking password but no username
  000260783 blockresolved2018-08-16HTTP Basic authentication keeps re-prompting
  00026091   minornew2018-08-14Scroll bar issue when zooming-in
  0002608 1 crashnew2018-08-11Abort on Argos site
  00024621   minoracknowledged2018-08-10Top result from Yahoo! search not accessible
  000253112 crashacknowledged2018-08-10Segfault on nextdoor.com
  000260651 minornew2018-08-10Refresh page fails to refresh
  00024914   minorconfirmed (Daniel Silverstone)2018-07-29Memory leaks in libdom
  00004674   minorconfirmed2018-07-29Word wrap error
  00025961   minorresolved (Michael Drake)2018-07-27Drag URL omits on-page part
  00019611   majorconfirmed2018-07-27Allow foo.html#bar to still have the #bar when exporting URL
  000256231 minorresolved (Michael Drake)2018-07-26Hotlist and global history redraw issues
  000258381 majorconfirmed (Chris Young)2018-07-24SSL not working in OS3 build
  0002595    minoracknowledged2018-07-20form submit with <button> does not send its name/value in form POST
  000259711 blockresolved2018-07-20Browser not work , i have only window "warnning css base"
  0002601    minoracknowledged2018-07-20Text boxes do not render text reliably at 150% magnification font
  0002603 1 tweakacknowledged2018-07-20first field in dialogue is too small, won't resize
  0002604    featureacknowledged2018-07-20Plain, standard icon for saved web pages as alternative to autogenerated thumbnail images
  000260211 minoracknowledged2018-07-20Mouse pointer-sized junk appears when scrolling
  00026051   minorfeedback2018-07-20JPEG image not displaying
  000258512 minorassigned (Michael Drake)2018-06-29Left-hand column of images overlays text
  0002599    minornew2018-05-11libsvgtiny uses sscanf() to parse decimal fractions in path data, which is locale-dependent
  00023061   minoracknowledged2018-04-25Automatic backend, width, height and bpp by default
  00025812   featureresolved (Vincent Sanders)2018-04-22Poor choice of keybindings in the GTK front-end
  00025641   minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2018-04-22[CSS calc() function] Text overflows the RHS of the window
  000258921 majorresolved2018-04-21The Unicode font library could not be initialized.
  00025882   tweakresolved (Vincent Sanders)2018-04-21Can't compile from source
  0001958    featureresolved2018-04-21back button to remember starting position
  00025582   minoracknowledged2018-04-21Timeouts when submitting data via multi-line text input icons
  00025685   blockacknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2018-04-21Netsurf-fb: Unable to initialize framebuffer
  00025921   featureacknowledged2018-04-21SVG rendering has errors
  00025911   majoracknowledged2018-04-21when zooming in, links and searches don't use the correct offset
  0002576    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2018-04-21bug report webpage and man page lack details where to find log file
  00025751   tweakconfirmed (Vincent Sanders)2018-04-21When opening a link in a new tab with the middle mouse button focus for scrolling down has changed
  00025741   majoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2018-04-21Internation char input support ?
  000257211 majorconfirmed (Daniel Silverstone)2018-04-21Strange javascript problem: some "random" .js files are not working and they breaks other scripts
  00025711   featureacknowledged2018-04-21Confirm before leaving page
  000256511 minorfeedback2018-04-21Use after free
  000257311 majorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2018-04-21Page layout problems
  0002557 1 minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2018-04-21Thread thumbnails on 4chan are shifted up by 10 pixels per thread.
  0002548    majorconfirmed2018-04-21einwahl http://www.gmx.net ist nicht mölich (fehlendes Java ?)
  0002547    featureacknowledged2018-04-21[Netsurf KolibriOS] kos32-gcc toolchain not built from source
  0002536 1 minorresolved2018-04-21Build failure with GCC 7.1 due to implicit-fallthrough
  00023121   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2018-04-21"No package libexpat-devel available" on ns-package-install
  00023111   minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2018-04-21Package gperf dependency to build on CentOS 7
  000259321 crashresolved (Michael Drake)2018-04-14URL crashes NetSurf
  000256321 minorconfirmed2018-03-05CSS is hiding captcha
  000254072 minorresolved (John-Mark Bell)2018-01-23Page content not visible
  00025691   majorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2018-01-23Bus error when search box is removed
  0002577136 crashresolved2018-01-23Fails to load the Unicode font Library