2024-06-21 03:00 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00004052   minoracknowledged2015-03-18Odd effect using <h1> on very small pages
  00005291   minoracknowledged2015-03-16Export as Draw from eBay generates mangled file
  00019372   featureacknowledged2015-03-16Mouse click to open URL
  00019681   featureacknowledged2015-03-16Add chkspr utility to Full Save
  00022871   minoracknowledged2015-03-152D panning (using adjust) does not work properly if the h-scroll bar is tiny.
  000228811 minoracknowledged2015-03-15Graphics image alignment incorrect
  0002021    featureacknowledged2015-03-10Support text-align: justify
  0000447    minoracknowledged2015-03-10Ctrl-drag to save image doesn't work inside frames
  0001964    featureacknowledged2015-03-10Edit 'Recent URL' display
  0000501    minoracknowledged2015-03-10Framebuffer(?) front end doesn't allow 401 HTTP Auth.
  00004981   minorconfirmed2015-03-10Possible OL glitch
  000044521 minorconfirmed2015-03-10table background colour error
  0001873    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10libnsfb: make xcb, sdl, vnc optional via Makefile.config
  0000387    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Can't override CFLAGS at command line
  00004303   minorconfirmed2015-03-02Text selection issues
  0002268    featureacknowledged2015-02-04Tab to switch from location bar to search bar (or keyboard shortcut for search)
  00020962   featureacknowledged2015-01-28Request using curl's builtin https capability vs directly using openssl
  0002249    featureacknowledged2015-01-16Color options doesn't work in fb
  0002242 1 minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2015-01-16every other keystroke lost when using VNC
  0002243    minoracknowledged2014-12-18Image links on Express newspaper
  0002244    featureacknowledged2014-12-18Can't download a file from vidown.net
  00022401   featureacknowledged2014-12-18Please add tab index support.
  0002238    tweakacknowledged2014-12-07Change.org massively scaled images
  0002237    featureacknowledged2014-12-07Filtering of drop-down lists - feature request
  0002236 1 majoracknowledged2014-12-04wrong text rendering
  00022341   featureacknowledged2014-12-04Please add auto-hide cursor functionality.
  0002233 1 minoracknowledged2014-12-01Page fails to display correctly
  00003881   minorassigned (Michael Drake)2014-12-01Fritz!Box fails
  000217495 minoracknowledged2014-12-01Failed writing header
  0002223    minoracknowledged (Michael Drake)2014-12-01Britmovie rendering
  0002220    minorconfirmed (John-Mark Bell)2014-11-15No cycle detection in fetch/cache code
  00019291   featureassigned (Michael Drake)2014-10-10facility to copy from global history to hotlist
  0001960    featureassigned (Michael Drake)2014-10-10Allow Object URLs to be added to hotlist/dragged from URL
  0001991    featureassigned (Michael Drake)2014-10-10Cut and paste Hotlist
  0001957    featureassigned (Michael Drake)2014-10-10Adding a new address to a hotlist directory
  000219811 minoracknowledged2014-09-14Crash on loading a page from dailymail.co.uk
  00021961   minoracknowledged2014-09-08Javascript not working
  0002192    majorconfirmed (Vincent Sanders)2014-09-06-Werror should be disabled for releases (tarballs)
  0002193 1 minoracknowledged2014-09-06patch for gperf inline warning
  000218822 minorconfirmed2014-09-03cannot get to e-mail log-in page
  0000002    majoracknowledged2014-09-02m68k-atari-mint linker fails to embedd surfaces of libnsfb
  00004501   minorconfirmed2014-09-02Problems with displaying very wide panoramic jpegs
  0002141    featureconfirmed (Vincent Sanders)2014-08-18llcache persistant storage should use disc_cache_age
  000213021 crashacknowledged2014-08-04Crash on forum page
  00020592   majorconfirmed2014-08-03Atari toolchain(s) do not work
  00021601   minorconfirmed2014-08-03https://duckduckgo.com/html searchs reset to search form on refresh or history browsing
  000217612 minorconfirmed2014-08-03Rendering Issue - companycheck.co.uk
  0002180 1 minoracknowledged2014-08-03SVG images with transparent backgrounds overlap when zoomed
  00021731   minoracknowledged2014-07-24image not rendered in the Independent news-page
  0002155    minoracknowledged (Vincent Sanders)2014-07-21Unable to build libnsfb