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0001968NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2015-03-16 09:08
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Summary0001968: Add chkspr utility to Full Save
DescriptionA simple addition of the chkspr utility and a line in the Run file of full-save pseudo-applications would allow them to be renamed without losing the custom sprite that NetSurf has taken the trouble to create.

The utility, when invoked from the Run file, renames the first sprite in the sprite file to the name of the 'application'.

Thus it would not be essential to choose a suitable name instead of the default offered at initial save, but the pseudo-applications could be later renamed at will without losing the iconsprite.


    Include chkspr utility in app directory creation

    Add second line invoking "<Obey$Dir>.chkspr" to Run file

Additional Informationericthelog added a note on Mon Jul 9 19:49:16 2007

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Tony's Boot method /is/ superior, but I think the utility should be provided and referenced within the saved page application, as it would be unreasonable to expect everyone to have the utility in their library.

The full-saved page should be complete in its own right. Tony has agreed in principle to this suggestion.

old_coaster added a note on Sun Jul 8 11:58:58 2007

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A simpler way of doing this is to copy the _file_ ChkSpr (utility) to Boot:Library:User, and then add a Boot file to each NetSurf full-save pseudo-application. The Boot file need contain only:

   ifthere run:chkspr then chkspr
   iconsprites <obey$dir>.!sprites

An advantage of this is that the Boot file is executed immediately, upon renaming, so that the iconsprites command takes immediate effect.

If the Run file is modified, as suggested, it is necessary to open the full-save file before iconsprites takes effect.


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David Pitt


David Pitt (reporter)

This suggestion has not been implemented since 2007. However the "Full save" dialogue does allow for a user supplied "Save as" name which should be sufficient.

I would think this Issue can be closed.

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