2021-10-27 13:52 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00024632   minoracknowledged2016-09-21Drag-scrolling does not work on The Register site
  0002470    minoracknowledged2016-09-21Layout issues on Swanage Lifeboat site
  00024611   featureacknowledged2016-08-14http Digest authentication not implemented (RFC 7616)
  00024581   majoracknowledged2016-08-10nsgenbind fails on OpenBSD/sparc64
  00020171   featureacknowledged2016-08-06Password manager/form filler
  0002456    minoracknowledged2016-06-28F6 doesn't open Bookmarks if mouse is over window
  0002454 1 minoracknowledged2016-06-28can not get keyboard event, Button can not be activated
  0002452 1 minoracknowledged2016-06-28"white-space: normal" has no effect on "display: inline-block" elements.
  0002451    minoracknowledged2016-06-28Input field has vanished on Linguee.com site
  0002448    minoracknowledged2016-06-28Cannot select search engine, only Google visible
  00024571   trivialacknowledged (Chris Young)2016-06-25Grey bars are visible while page being scrolled
  000245511 crashacknowledged2016-05-09EMT Trap
  000245331 crashacknowledged2016-05-09SegFault
  0002376 1 majorassigned (Vincent Sanders)2016-04-12Javascript content needs to be converted and cleaned up
  000222811 crashacknowledged2016-04-12Possible race condition with scheduler
  00024431   blockconfirmed2016-03-16form gadget lifetime is broken
  00024292   minoracknowledged2016-03-07Button onclick does not run
  000243031 minoracknowledged2016-03-07onClick in 'a' tag is ignored
  0002431 1 minorconfirmed2016-03-07libdom testsuite uses reserved identifiers
  0002432 1 minorconfirmed2016-03-07libcss testsuite uses reserved identifiers
  0002434 1 featureacknowledged2016-03-07Ordered list numbering - does not support a starting number
  0002436    featureacknowledged2016-03-07Reopen websites that were open (when last quit)
  0002438    featureacknowledged2016-03-07Hotlist window should remember which folders I had open (even after quitting)
  000243911 crashacknowledged2016-03-07Crash on loading 'thepoke' website
  0002411    majoracknowledged2016-03-07Page is not rendered correctly
  000242821 crashconfirmed2016-03-07Segfault on saving image
  00023205   minoracknowledged2016-02-28Cannot search for accented characters
  00024271   minoracknowledged2016-02-28Obscurred columns
  00024252   crashconfirmed2016-02-16once app has started clicking on the netsurf icon in the dock causes a segfault
  000242421 majoracknowledged2016-02-10Warning Message from NetSurf
  000235621 majoracknowledged2016-02-10Crash on transferring to new link
  0002423    minoracknowledged2016-02-10Button cannot be activated
  00024215   majorconfirmed (Dave Higton)2016-02-10Mailto link doesn't work
  000235011 majoracknowledged2016-02-04Problem accessing page on Puritan's Pride Website
  0002412    minoracknowledged2016-02-03Page is not rendered .
  00024095   minoracknowledged2016-02-02All text is displayed centred on fanfiction.net
  0002406    minoracknowledged2016-01-07HTML form with 'on submit' attribute does not appear to run Javascript
  0002399    tweakacknowledged2015-12-03https://essex.rewardgateway.co.uk has to have JS disabled to load
  00022701   featureacknowledged (Chris Young)2015-11-15Program-tabs, a feature that allows you to have certain tabs opened when launching the browser.
  00023792   minorconfirmed2015-11-04Another case of non-scrolling
  0002378 2 minoracknowledged2015-11-03No image visible on Flickr
  0000513    minorconfirmed2015-10-31RISC OS: redraw errors with EX=0 and EY=0
  0002026    featureacknowledged2015-10-31Inconsistency in toolbar changes
  0001910    featureconfirmed2015-10-31Alt image text in 'About this object' window
  00019971   featureacknowledged2015-10-31Image Object Options
  000207811 minoracknowledged2015-10-31Slow shutdown
  0002108    featureacknowledged2015-10-31Tabbed browsing on RISC OS
  00004292   minoracknowledged2015-10-31Themes are not installed when clicking a theme link
  00019511   featureacknowledged2015-10-31Handle dataload for generic dialogs
  00019082   featureacknowledged2015-10-31Default downloads directory