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0002801NetSurfGTK-specificpublic2024-05-27 14:03
ReporterWitold Baryluk 
Assigned Tokinnison 
PlatformLinux amd64OSLinuxOS VersionLinux 5.9.9, X11
Product Version3.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.12 
Summary0002801: Non-URLs in URL bar, should forward to search in current / default search engine
DescriptionI think this is self explanatory. All modern browsers for almost a decade, do a search in a search engine, for text entered in the URL bar, instead of trying to fetch the URL.

It makes interface way more user friendly in majority of cases, and in some cases even allows to remove the separate field for the search input.
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Witold Baryluk


Witold Baryluk (reporter)

One of the heuristic to trigger this, is to try to parse the string, and see if in the first "word", are there any dots, or it doesn't resolve name, or after it there is a space and not : or /, then it can't be a hostname or DNS name either.

Other obvious way is to simply try to parse using existing mechanism, and if it fails, just assume it is not URL.
Witold Baryluk


Witold Baryluk (reporter)

I just noticed in options "Search from URL bar". But enabling it, it sill behaves the same way.


kinnison (administrator)

We have fixed nsurl to not accept bad urls which should improve search-from-urlbar. it won't be everything you might want; but it'll definitely be better.

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