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0001987NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2013-12-24 14:39
ReporterSimon Smith 
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Summary0001987: Shorter/configurable timeouts, esp. for stylesheets
DescriptionGiven that downloading some resources - most notably stylesheets - can seriously affect multi-tasking, sometimes for 2-3 minutes at a time, please can the timeout be radically reduced and/or made configurable? Per file-type, even?

I appreciate that with multi-tasking near-stalled asking for a keystroke to be spotted and acted upon might be troublesome, but if the Escape key could be spotted and taken to mean 'skip current element', that might help. A shorter timeout would satisfy me; anythibng else would be icing on the cake.
Additional Informationharriet added a note on Fri Mar 21 01:11:32 2008

Or could this be rolled into an 'ignore stylesheet information altogether' option, such that Netsurf didn't attempt to load remote stylesheets and ignored local on-page ones - thus both saving download time and/or providing a basic, readable version of over-fussy pages?

Imported from sourceforge bug http://sourceforge.net/support/tracker.php?aid=1876632 on Tue Dec 10 17:34:13 2013

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