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0002026NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2015-10-31 22:01
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Summary0002026: Inconsistency in toolbar changes
DescriptionSee mailing list discussion: http://vlists.pepperfish.net/pipermail/netsurf-users-netsurf-browser.org/2011-February/009951.html

At present, the situation with toolbar editing is as follows:

Clicking Menu over a browser window toolbar and selecting 'Edit toolbar' allows you to add or remove buttons. This change is immediate and permanent - it applies to that window, all windows opened (e.g. by target="_blank") from that window, and all windows opened independently in the future, including after quitting and restarting NetSurf. It does not apply to other windows currently open, or their descendants.

Editing a toolbar in any other window (e.g. hotlist, cookies) is also permanent (inlcuding across restarts), although in this case only one copy may be present at any time.

Adding or removing gadgets from a browser window toolbar (buttons/address/throbber) is not permanent - it applies only to that window and its descendants, not any new windows. For this to happen, the option 'Display->Save as default' from the main browser area menu must be used.

Adding or removing gadgets from a non-browser toolbar (in this case just buttons) is permanent, as above, and these windows do not have a 'Save as default' menu option.

This behaviour is inconsistent and needs changing to one or the other in both cases.

Personally, I don't like the current less than obvious position of the 'Save as default' option, and would prefer that option to be removed and everything to be permanent. As things stand, this would affect only adding and removing gadgets from the browser toolbar, and not necessitate the addition of a 'Save as default' option to all other windows.
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