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Summary0001955: Display 'alt' text for image upon mouse-over
DescriptionI would like Netsurf to display the 'alt' text for images (if any) when the mouse pointer lingers over them. I believe this behaviour is implemented by various other browsers (which is why I have come to expect it).

The simplest implementation would be to send an alternative reply to the HelpRequest messages sent by providers of interactive help. (Return the 'alt' text of an image instead of the standard "Click SELECT on a link to follow it.." help message.) I would be quite happy to load !Help in order to enable this facility, and this approach would automatically implement the user's preferred delay period and display font.

I don't think this would be a good use of the status bar because many images are also links, in which case the (usually half-width) status bar will already be full with the destination URI. Also descriptive 'alt' text would be too long.
Additional Informationdsalt added a note on Mon May 15 02:38:49 2006

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That would be "title attribute text", not "alt attribute
text" - the former is intended for display via mechanisms
such as tooltips, whereas the latter is a non-standard IEism.

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