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0002002NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2013-12-24 11:00
ReporterHarriet Bazley 
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Summary0002002: Forcing text selection
DescriptionWhen I try to select and export text at the start of a column, say, in complex pages, I often find it hard to start a selection as Netsurf treats the drag as a background scroll drag instead. Often the only way to do it is to start the selection in the middle of an area of text and then use Adjust-drag to extend the selection without accidentally following any links (e.g. the heading at the top of a blog post is often both title and clickable link, but I want to export it in its former capacity).

Would it be possible to have some kind of 'override key', e.g. Control, which would signify "I really do want to select an area with the drag I'm about to perform, and not accidentally scroll or click on a link instead"? I can't identify an existing one in the Help file.
Additional InformationImported from sourceforge bug http://sourceforge.net/support/tracker.php?aid=2658886 on Tue Dec 10 17:34:13 2013

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