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0002796NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2020-11-21 10:34
ReporterJohn WILLIAMS 
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PlatformRISC OSOSRISC OSOS Version5.29 Dev
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Summary0002796: Using hyperlink nullifies superscript effecy
Netsurf 3.11 (Dev C1 #5216) under RISC OS displays:


This is some text with a footnote<sup>1</sup> after it.


<sup>1</sup> And this is the footnote.

perfectly well as expected, but fails to display:


This is some text with a footnote<sup class="footnote"
 after it.

<p class="footnote" id="fn11605348591905180128"><a
 href="#fnr11605348591905180128"><sup>1</sup></a> And this is the

correctly, the superscript being apparently ignored as the "1" remains
stubbornly NOT superscript, though other browsers seem to display it
perfectly well.

The hyperlink to the fragment identifier still works, but the return
apparently doesn't in NetSurf, I am told.

Both examples are generated by Textile on the ROOL forums.

Steps To ReproduceAn example of a working superscript tag and the non-working tag ided withing the text.
Each examle may be typed HTML and loaded into NetSurf.
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Fixed in CI build #
Reported in CI build #5216
URL of problem pagehttps://www.riscosopen.org/forum/forums/2/topics/318?page=1
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