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0002738websites[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-02-08 22:15
ReporterRava T 
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PlatformLinux x86-64OSSlackwareOS VersionSlackware 14.2
Summary0002738: Night mode for Netsurf
DescriptionI am aware that this is more a question about a feature, and less of a bug but after browsing http://www.netsurf-browser.org including its documentation I found no hint as how to accomplish my goal, therefore this report here. (I might have missed a info, though)

I prefer a dark GUI and an inverted or Night Mode display on all browsers I use, with Palemoon I am quite happy using Advanced Night Mode AddOn.
Sadly, there seems no way to define colour for: background, text, links and visited links in Netsurf.
Maybe there is, but not via the standard Settings window. Any tips of how to accomplish a night mode for all visited local or remote sites or pages greatly appreciated.
Steps To ReproduceAll web pages loaded are standard display: usually white or bright background and dark text. I prefer bright green text and dark or better black background.
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