2019-04-26 05:33 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002300    trivialacknowledged2015-04-02Random interruption, no crash
  00019712   featureacknowledged2015-03-31Copy or save Cookie
  000212832 crashconfirmed2015-03-29Freeze on forum page
  0002295    minoracknowledged2015-03-27Writable icon displaced on streetmap.co.uk search
  0002293    tweakacknowledged2015-03-19Layout distorted on gamescoffer.co.uk
  00021712   tweakclosed (Steve Fryatt)2015-03-18Iconbar menu has nonsensical keyboard shortcut
  00004052   minoracknowledged2015-03-18Odd effect using <h1> on very small pages
  00005291   minoracknowledged2015-03-16Export as Draw from eBay generates mangled file
  00019372   featureacknowledged2015-03-16Mouse click to open URL
  00019681   featureacknowledged2015-03-16Add chkspr utility to Full Save
  00022871   minoracknowledged2015-03-152D panning (using adjust) does not work properly if the h-scroll bar is tiny.
  000228811 minoracknowledged2015-03-15Graphics image alignment incorrect
  000217713   majorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Excessive stack usage
  000217951 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Crashes on invalid certificate
  000219452 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Trying to download a CSV file gives an "Unacceptable Type" error
  000219011 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Text box does not redraw when scroll of last line caused by edit higher up
  00022022   crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Crash in box_coords
  000218961 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Redraw issues at ends of lines in text boxes
  000220531 minorclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Crash when closing bookmark window
  000220741 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10SVG files don't render, infinite hourglass
  00022092   blockclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Compiling Error cause of double typedef'd : typedef struct fbtk_widget_s fbtk_widget_t
  000221321 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10On clicking on the menu button, Netsurf exits with a fatal error.
  000221721 textclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Typo fix: maintinance → maintenance
  000208151 crashclosed (John-Mark Bell)2015-03-10Segmentation Fault
  000222131 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Attempting to open lists in forms crashes machine
  000223121 featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Continuous disc activity while NetSurf running.
  000223231 crashclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Crash on exit
  00022352   textclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10USING-Framebuffer git information file is incorrect.
  000225421 crashclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Tab close crash in FE
  000225132 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Crash at https://www.one.com/pay.do?ocode=WygJGHAdefDavwXK
  00022502   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10SIGFPE in llcache_finalise
  000224741 featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Provide a manpage
  000224621 featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Provide a desktop file for netsurf-gtk
  00022532   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Unable to save hotlist
  000225821 crashclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Crash when trying to save the prefs of NetSurf
  00022612   crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10About window --> Licence --> assertion failed
  000225531 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Crash when accessing an item linked to BBC Sport webpage
  000226221 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Crash on loading Google Advanced Search
  000225783 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Webpage crashes NetSurf when !Cache is present
  00022642   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Hotlist not saving
  000227121 minorclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10startup.nsrx doesn't work with 3.3 0002595
  000227882 featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Updated Dutch resources for NetSurf
  000220124 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10When viewing a website with frames in netsurf-gtk, file selection inputs cause crash
  00003826   crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Crash on closing a window while page is loading
  000228241 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Closing window while loading crashes NetSurf 3.3 0002625
  000227961 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Spontaneous crash.
  000228411 majorclosed (John-Mark Bell)2015-03-10Clicking buttons produces imcomplete response
  00018712   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Sorted entries in directory listings
  00004411   minorclosed (John-Mark Bell)2015-03-10Indirect document self-reference badness
  0002021    featureacknowledged2015-03-10Support text-align: justify