2024-02-26 15:55 UTC

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00027523   blockclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-06-18Building latest fails "dom_keyboard_event_init" as well as linker
  000268151 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2020-05-27PNGs displayed with wrong aspect ratio
  000266132 trivialclosed2020-05-27proposing comment correction and small simplification of code
  000266031 crashclosed2020-05-27Crashes reliably with javascript and plugins disabled
  00026582   crashclosed (Michael Drake)2020-05-27Crash on homepage call
  000230762 minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27duck duck go search engine shows a blank page
  00026643   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27In-progress curl fetches which are active during shutdown of the browser will never be freed
  00019833   featureclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27history window - open scrolled to the current thumbnail
  000269332 majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27Mailto link causes instant crash
  00026911   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27issue with privacy query interface
  00026922   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27Generated privicy error page shows SSLCertErrUnknown
  00026971   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27back navigation is inconsistent
  000248962 minorclosed (Chris Young)2020-05-27Memory leaks
  000249111   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27Memory leaks in libdom
  000267662 majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27[NetSurf] 3.9-dev crash while download a file.
  00021992   majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27integer overflow in gtk download progress window with files > 2GB
  000270731 minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27Times out if server requires login and does not accept second connection
  000268731 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27Crash on complete save
  000271241 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27Warning from NetSurf: Unknown
  00025142   featureclosed (Michael Drake)2020-05-27Full Save
  00027152   majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27Can't type into a reply box on ROOL web site
  000271821 trivialclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27NetBSD has strcasestr and NetBSD 8 or later has strchrnul
  00026952   minorclosed2020-05-27"newly opened tabs are blank" not completely implemented
  00027201   featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27Please add middle-click on tab to close.
  000268941 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2020-05-27Unwanted vertical scroll bars on content
  000272521 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2020-05-27Vertical scrollbars/arrows not working
  000273222 majorclosed2020-05-27when zooming in, hyperlinks misbehave
  00026905   majorclosed (Michael Drake)2020-05-27Animated GIF causes box_coords to explode
  000270231 minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27Google no longer loads
  000264551 minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27Page fails to load with JS enabled
  00027221   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27GTK3 UI, vertical scrollbar on newly created "welcome" tabs is wrong.
  00026503   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27Innapropriate error message
  00027411   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27Visiting about: causes assert
  000274521 minorclosed2020-05-27Can't close 'Images' choices window
  00027482   blockclosed (Michael Drake)2020-05-27figure/figcaption element display
  000275421 blockclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27Netsurf global history
  00027371   crashclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27extended internet test popular-sites-161 crashed with a failed assertion
  000270821 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27Save size and location work partially
  000272441 majorclosed (Michael Drake)2020-05-27Horizontal scroll bar of text input box obscures last line
  00027282   majorclosed (John-Mark Bell)2020-05-27Error on closing windows in Choices/Configuration
  00027092   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27UTF8 text in caption not properly decoded
  00026862   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27Add webp to the SDK
  000270121 featureclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27[PATCH] Add libwebp to arm-unknown-riscos and i686-w64-mingw32 targets
  000275321 blockclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27URLs starting with a number "was not able to be parsed"
  000276321 minorclosed2020-05-27Global history - losing focus
  00027622   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2020-05-27URL starting with a number "was not able to be parsed"