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0002802Buildsystem[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-12-29 20:22
ReporterEric Dodd 
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PlatformSGIOSIRIXOS Version6.5.30
Summary0002802: Adding compatibility library to CFLAGS unexpectedly changes option to be rpl_option
DescriptionIn the process of porting Netsurf to IRIX, if we add our compatibility library to CFLAGS like `-I%{_includedir}/libdicl-0.1` , some parts of the build system seem to change `option` to be `rpl_option`. This causes "unknown symbol" errors, as the build is looking for `corestring_lwc_rpl_option`.

Steps To Reproduce* Get an SGI
* Install SGUG-RSE 0.0.7 from https://github.com/sgidevnet/sgug-rse/releases/tag/v0.0.7beta
* Build and install the following packages that are not yet available as binaries:


* Build netsurf 3.9 from the listed wipnonautomated branch
Additional InformationWe're basing the port on the version of Netsurf in FC31, 3.9.

Patches and spec can be found here: https://github.com/sgidevnet/sgug-rse/tree/wipnonautomated/packages/netsurf .

Netsurf is likely the best chance at having a working modern browser on IRIX.

We're unable to attach a debug log, as `netsurf -v` emits whitespace but doesn't launch a window. Without -v, it does launch a window, and sometimes can be stable for whole minutes without crashing.

Yes, we're aware IRIX is a dead OS.
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John-Mark Bell


John-Mark Bell (administrator)

The string "rpl" does not appear anywhere in the NetSurf sources:


Looking at libdicl, however, yields this:


which is included from getopt.h here:


and which defines __GETOPT_PREFIX here:


Thus, this has all the hallmarks of the global preprocessor namespace being polluted by a library header. You can probably "fix" this by "#undef option" at the top of utils/corestringlist.h (and wherever else this breakage appears).

For hopefully obvious reasons, this wouldn't be a change we would want to carry ourselves.
Eric Dodd


Eric Dodd (reporter)

Excellent! This resolved several issues. Now it compiles with these options:

export LDFLAGS="-Wl,-z,relro -Wl,-z,now $RPM_LD_FLAGS -ldicl-0.1"

However, it's still very unstable and usually refuses to display https content. My guess is I haven't yet cleared all of the namespace pollution. While we have ddd and gdb, it can't handle threads very well, which makes debugging hard.

I've attached an example screenshot (exported X session.)

Thanks for your help!
Eric Dodd


Eric Dodd (reporter)

My apologies for the spam. I'd thought the failure was in my ancient OS not handling SSL, but it clearly renders DuckDuckGo searches.

Most importantly, the -v flag now works!

Thanks again!

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