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0002802Buildsystem[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-12-26 13:472020-12-29 20:22
ReporterEric Dodd 
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PlatformSGIOSIRIXOS Version6.5.30
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Summary0002802: Adding compatibility library to CFLAGS unexpectedly changes option to be rpl_option
DescriptionIn the process of porting Netsurf to IRIX, if we add our compatibility library to CFLAGS like `-I%{_includedir}/libdicl-0.1` , some parts of the build system seem to change `option` to be `rpl_option`. This causes "unknown symbol" errors, as the build is looking for `corestring_lwc_rpl_option`.

Steps To Reproduce* Get an SGI
* Install SGUG-RSE 0.0.7 from
* Build and install the following packages that are not yet available as binaries:


* Build netsurf 3.9 from the listed wipnonautomated branch
Additional InformationWe're basing the port on the version of Netsurf in FC31, 3.9.

Patches and spec can be found here: .

Netsurf is likely the best chance at having a working modern browser on IRIX.

We're unable to attach a debug log, as `netsurf -v` emits whitespace but doesn't launch a window. Without -v, it does launch a window, and sometimes can be stable for whole minutes without crashing.

Yes, we're aware IRIX is a dead OS.
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John-Mark Bell   
2020-12-28 19:57   
The string "rpl" does not appear anywhere in the NetSurf sources:

Looking at libdicl, however, yields this:

which is included from getopt.h here:

and which defines __GETOPT_PREFIX here:

Thus, this has all the hallmarks of the global preprocessor namespace being polluted by a library header. You can probably "fix" this by "#undef option" at the top of utils/corestringlist.h (and wherever else this breakage appears).

For hopefully obvious reasons, this wouldn't be a change we would want to carry ourselves.
Eric Dodd   
2020-12-29 19:57   
Excellent! This resolved several issues. Now it compiles with these options:

export LDFLAGS="-Wl,-z,relro -Wl,-z,now $RPM_LD_FLAGS -ldicl-0.1"

However, it's still very unstable and usually refuses to display https content. My guess is I haven't yet cleared all of the namespace pollution. While we have ddd and gdb, it can't handle threads very well, which makes debugging hard.

I've attached an example screenshot (exported X session.)

Thanks for your help!
Eric Dodd   
2020-12-29 20:22   
My apologies for the spam. I'd thought the failure was in my ancient OS not handling SSL, but it clearly renders DuckDuckGo searches.

Most importantly, the -v flag now works!

Thanks again!

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