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0002723LibDOM[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-12-09 22:03
ReporterDave Higton 
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PrioritynormalSeveritycrashReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformBBxMOSRISC OSOS Version5.27 (28 Oct 19)
Summary0002723: Interesting new segfault
DescriptionWhile searching for info about 1&1 email, I got a segfault crash. Dump attached.

This one appears to relate to R12 being 0 when doing STMIA R12, {R2,R3}
TagsNo tags attached.
Fixed in CI build #
Reported in CI build #4941
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Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

Looks like the mouse action event used uninitialised data

  Register dump at 007d9fb4:

    a1: 5607a198 a2: 7d88c8 a3: fff90000 a4: 562fd940
    v1: fff90000 v2: 0 v3: 59d18ce8 v4: 21212121
    v5: 59d18e90 v6: 59d18e90 sl: 7d8208 fp: 7d88c4
    ip: 0 sp: 7d88b8 lr: 135678 pc: 1354b4
    cpsr: 80000110

  001354a0 : . �� : e28c2008 : ADD R2,R12,#8
  001354a4 : D �� : e5802044 : STR R2,[R0,#68]
  001354a8 : ..�� : e891000c : LDMIA R1,{R2,R3}
  001354ac : ..�� : e88c000c : STMIA R12,{R2,R3}
  001354b0 : . �� : e5d12002 : LDRB R2,[R1,0000002]
  001354b4 : ..�� : e5d10003 : LDRB R0,[R1,#3]
  001354b8 : .8�� : e3a03801 : MOV R3,#&00010000
  001354bc : .$�� : e1822400 : ORR R2,R2,R0,LSL #8
  001354c0 : .0C� : e2433009 : SUB R3,R3,#9

  ( 7d88c4) pc: 135488 lr: 135678 sp: 7d88c8 duk_push_tval()
  ( 7d88e4) pc: 135648 lr: 14cf10 sp: 7d88e8 duk_push_hobject()
  ( 7d88fc) pc: 14cef8 lr: 1256c4 sp: 7d8900 duk_get_global_string()
  ( 7d8924) pc: 1256a8 lr: 127020 sp: 7d8928 dukky_push_node()
  ( 7d8964) pc: 126f34 lr: 2ad498 sp: 7d8968 dukky_generic_event_handler()
  ( 7d8984) pc: 2ad410 lr: 2a20b8 sp: 7d8988 _dom_event_target_dispatch()
  ( 7d89cc) pc: 2a1d08 lr: 104e8c sp: 7d89d0 _dom_node_dispatch_event()
  ( 7d89fc) pc: 104df4 lr: 1131c0 sp: 7d8a00 fire_generic_dom_event()
  ( 7d8bac) pc: 112678 lr: dd07c sp: 7d8bb0 html_mouse_action()
  ( 7d8bcc) pc: dd02c lr: 17f0d4 sp: 7d8bd0 content_mouse_action()
  ( 7d8c08) pc: 17ed14 lr: 1d7d0c sp: 7d8c0c browser_window_mouse_click()
  ( 7d8c2c) pc: 1d7c90 lr: 1cf860 sp: 7d8c30 ro_gui_window_click()
  ( 7d8c9c) pc: 1cf7e0 lr: b70c sp: 7d8ca0 ro_gui_wimp_event_mouse_click()
  ( 7d8fe8) pc: aed4 lr: 5aa954 sp: 7d8fec main()
Dave Higton


Dave Higton (developer)

I reverted to CI#4902 to get over the bug I recently reported about a text box's horzontal scroll bar obscuring the last line of text. I had this crash (CrashDump2) while looking at some train photos. Since mouse functions are mentioned many times round the crash point, I thought it might be related to this bug (2723).
Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

kinnison fixed a bug in libdom that may have adressed this. If you see it again can you say so otherwise i think this is resolved


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