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0002690NetSurfLayoutpublic2020-02-21 10:17
ReporterMichael Drake 
Assigned ToMichael Drake 
SeveritymajorReproducibilityunable to reproduce 
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Target Version3.10Fixed in Version3.10 
Summary0002690: Animated GIF causes box_coords to explode
Descriptionbox_coords walks up the box tree to find the absolute position of the box.

If we hit a float box, we expect to find a box with it's float_children set.

If not, the box tree is broken.

Daniel observed this happening on the 500 sites test run.

The problem is not easily reproducible.
Steps To ReproduceVisit https://www.netsons.com/

Although, when I load it, I don't even get the animated GIF throbbers that Daniel gets when he loads it.
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URL of problem pagehttps://www.netsons.com/
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Michael Drake


Michael Drake (administrator)

This change may or may not help:


Either way, it's generally more optimal.
Michael Drake


Michael Drake (administrator)


Neither float_children or float_container are assigned until layout.

However, it doesn't make sense to call box_coords on something before layout has happened.
Michael Drake


Michael Drake (administrator)


We don't set float_children or float_container until layout because layout is the first pass over the box tree that works out which boxes will establish a new block formatting context.
Michael Drake


Michael Drake (administrator)

Potentially fixed by:


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