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0002506NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2017-10-16 23:39
ReporterMichael Drake 
Assigned ToDave Higton 
Product Version3.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.7 
Summary0002506: RISC OS: Can't move hotlist, history, cookies windows partially off screen
DescriptionTreeview windows are constrained to stay entirely on screen.
Steps To ReproduceRight click NetSurf icon bar icon.

Drag hotlist window to screen edge.
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Fixed in CI build #3955
Reported in CI build #3928
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Dave Higton


Dave Higton (developer)

The "tree" window template definition, in common with all except one window, does not have the wimp_WINDOW_NO_BOUNDS flag set. It's curious that all other windows have this flag bit set in code rather than in the template, which seems wrong to me. Anyway, fixing the various tree view windows would require changes in more places than the templates AFAICS, so I propose to change the template definitions.

The tree view code needs to be replaced at some point anyway, so this can be regarded as a temporary fix.
Dave Higton


Dave Higton (developer)

After a re-think and some more information, I submitted patches to the four template definition files, to OR in the wimp_WINDOW_NO_BOUNDS flag bit. I submitted them via an email to the ns-dev mailing list.

The treeview code was updated in late December. Previously the flag bit must have been applied in code. The templates are the correct place to specify such fundamental window behaviour.
Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

Thankyou for your report, this has been resolved in the 3.7 release

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