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0002865NetSurfLayoutpublic2024-02-02 03:32
ReporterAndrew Valencia 
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Product Version3.11 
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Summary0002865: innerHTML and textContent can be assigned, but page view does not update
Descriptionsquirrelmail, a quite old PHP mailer, during startup ends up assigning some calculated HTML into an Element's innerHTML. It has things like onclick's and such, but the targeted element remains unresponsive.

Similarly, you can write a simple update string to the textContent of a node, and what is displayed remains unchanged.
Steps To ReproduceRun the supplied HTML page, click on the text, and after a delay it'll change on most browsers. It remains unchanged on Netsurf.
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Andrew Valencia


Andrew Valencia (reporter)

I've been digging through the source. It looks like there's logic to modify textContent and all, and it does indeed replace the node in the DOM. But rendering is from a box representation, which I don't see any logic making it rethink the box data structures. I'm going to go play with making a specific box rethink its shape, then bubble upward as needed.

(Or somebody can tell me that I'm on the wrong track.)

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