2020-03-29 20:42 BST

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0002726NetSurfGTK-specificpublic2020-02-21 09:53
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StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformPCOSLinuxOS VersionGentoo
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002726: CTRL + A on search input bar
Descriptionctrl + a on the search input select the whole page instead of the input content.

the shortcut work fine with the url bar, but with the search bar, it select all the content of the page
Additional InformationM.CONFIG: JPEG (libjpeg) enabled (NETSURF_USE_JPEG := YES)
M.CONFIG: PDF export (haru) disabled (NETSURF_USE_HARU_PDF := NO)
M.CONFIG: glibc internal iconv enabled (NETSURF_USE_LIBICONV_PLUG := YES)
M.CONFIG: Javascript (Duktape) disabled (NETSURF_USE_DUKTAPE := NO)
PKG.CNFG: CSS (libcss) enabled
PKG.CNFG: DOM (libdom) enabled
PKG.CNFG: nsutils (libnsutils) enabled
PKG.CNFG: utf8proc (libutf8proc) enabled
M.CONFIG: Curl (libcurl) enabled (NETSURF_USE_CURL := YES)
M.CONFIG: OpenSSL (openssl) enabled (NETSURF_USE_OPENSSL := YES)
M.CONFIG: WEBP (libwebp) enabled (NETSURF_USE_WEBP := YES)
M.CONFIG: PNG (libpng) enabled (NETSURF_USE_PNG := YES)
M.CONFIG: BMP (libnsbmp) enabled (NETSURF_USE_BMP := YES)
M.CONFIG: GIF (libnsgif) enabled (NETSURF_USE_GIF := YES)
M.CONFIG: SVG (libsvgtiny) enabled (NETSURF_USE_NSSVG := YES)
M.CONFIG: Sprite (librosprite) disabled (NETSURF_USE_ROSPRITE := NO)
M.CONFIG: PSL (libnspsl) disabled (NETSURF_USE_NSPSL := NO)
M.CONFIG: LOG (libnslog) auto-disabled (NETSURF_USE_NSLOG := AUTO)
M.CONFIG: SVG (librsvg-2.0) disabled (NETSURF_USE_RSVG := NO)
M.CONFIG: Video (gstreamer-0.10) disabled (NETSURF_USE_VIDEO := NO)
PKG.CNFG: GTK-3 (gtk+-3.0) enabled
PKG.CNFG: GThread2 (gthread-2.0) enabled
PKG.CNFG: GModule2 (gmodule-2.0) enabled
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Samuel Darden


Samuel Darden (reporter)

Michael Drake


Michael Drake (administrator)

Unable to reproduce with current master. (GTK3 front end.)

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