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0002636NetSurfAmiga-specificpublic2019-07-19 09:31
ReporterGeorge Sokianos 
Assigned ToChris Young 
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
PlatformOSAmigaOS 4.1OS Version4.1 FE
Product Version3.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.9 
Summary0002636: Not all html files are read right locally
DescriptionI am trying to setup the NetSurf to work with YAM for HTML files, which is something I managed to have it working. Now, when I double click the HTML attachment file, opens NetSurf, showing the email content.

Yam saves those HTML files under Ram:T/ folder.
The problem is that other files are working just fine and others do not. Even if I open them from NetSurf Project menu.

Attached you can find a couple of these files as an example. The one is working just fine and the other doesn't.
Steps To Reproduce1. Unarchive the attached file
2. Open NetSurf
3. Select from the Project menu the option "Open local file" and open first the one and then the second file.
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Fixed in CI build #4553
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Chris Young


Chris Young (developer)

If you either remove the closing bracket from <html> in DefIcons, or add a new "MATCH 0 <!doctype html" entry to the HTML filetype, DefIcons will recognise the file correctly if it is re-saved. There's something weird in the file causing it to not be identified as text (most likely the UTF-8 characters near the start of the file) until it is saved from a native text editor.
This is a DefIcons/OS issue, not a NetSurf one.
George Sokianos


George Sokianos (reporter)

The problem happens from the NeSurf, and not by double clicking the html file. NetSurf asks the system if the file is a html or not, or it uses it's own recognition functions?
Chris Young


Chris Young (developer)

It asks the system for local files. Or, more accurately, it checks for a MIMETYPE tooltype in the icon, which will be the default icon assigned by DefIcons. If not found, it tries DataTypes and the resources/mimetypes file.
Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

we believe this issue has been resolved in NetSurf 3.9

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