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0002246NetSurfGTK-specificpublic2015-03-10 23:41
ReporterAnthony J. Bentley 
Assigned ToVincent Sanders 
Product Version3.2 
Target Version3.3Fixed in Version3.3 
Summary0002246: Provide a desktop file for netsurf-gtk
DescriptionNetSurf doesn't have an XDG desktop entry file. In practice, this means that downstream packagers either:

- copy Debian's local netsurf-gtk.desktop,
- autogenerate another one, or
- provide no desktop integration.

This is probably less than ideal; it would be better to include a netsurf-gtk.desktop file in the main netsurf repository.

Debian's desktop file is attached.
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Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

Added the desktop file from my Debian packaging to NetSurf so other OS can use it
Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

Confirmed fixed in 3.3 release

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