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0002205NetSurfAmiga-specificpublic2015-03-10 23:44
ReporterSamir Hawamdeh 
Assigned ToChris Young 
PlatformAmigaOSAmigaOSOS Version4.2
Product Version3.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.3 
Summary0002205: Crash when closing bookmark window
DescriptionNetSurf will crash if you try to close the bookmark window after you have closed the main window of NetSurf.

This happen because if you have both window opened on screen, but then you close NetSurf, the bookmark window still opened rathen then be closed togheter of the main window.

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Fixed in CI build #2195
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Chris Young


Chris Young (developer)

This is caused by a scheduled event (throbber update) still pointing to the window even though it is closed. The fix will be to remove the schedule on window close.

Curiously this happens even when the throbber isn't active, but doesn't happen when opening a new window and then closing it.
Chris Young


Chris Young (developer)

Fixed in CI#2195
Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

Confirmed fixed in 3.3 release

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