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0002115NetSurfABENDpublic2016-02-16 14:04
ReporterRichard Porter 
Assigned To 
SeveritycrashReproducibilityhave not tried 
PlatformRiscPCOSRISC OSOS Version6.14
Product Version3.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.4 
Summary0002115: Crash whilst reporting crash
DescriptionNS crashed when I dragged the zip file containing the log onto the "upload file" field.
Steps To ReproduceI was able to report the bug at the second attempt.
TagsNo tags attached.
Fixed in CI build #
Reported in CI build #1814
URL of problem pagehttp://bugs.netsurf-browser.org/mantis/bug_report_page.php
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Richard Porter


Richard Porter (reporter)

This sequence repeated itself.
Richard Porter


Richard Porter (reporter)

NB last crash was with version 1819. Also applies to report 2114.
Dave Higton


Dave Higton (developer)

Richard, can you try this again with a current CI build, please?
Richard Porter


Richard Porter (reporter)

This is another random crash which is impossible to reproduce. I have logged some crashes with logs since then.
Dave Higton


Dave Higton (developer)

Believed to have been fixed along the way.
Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

Confirmed fixed in 3.4 release

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