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0002034NetSurfAmiga-specificpublic2015-03-10 10:37
ReporterSourceforge Import placeholder 
Assigned ToChris Young 
SeverityfeatureReproducibilityhave not tried 
PlatformOSAmigaOSOS Version4.1
Product Version2.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.1 
Summary0002034: Clone tab support
DescriptionI use AmigaOS 4.1 and NetSurf 2.7 Revision 11703

I notice a strange bahaviour using NetSurf's tabs, if you open a new tab that isn't related to the previews one (for example opening a new "blank" tab and then typing an address manually) the left arrow in toolbar permit to turn back as the page in tab opened was "linked" to the first one
I think that the normal behavoiur should be that each tab should have it's own history *only* rathen then share the history with the other tabs opened (the first tab in this case)
How to test:
- Open NetSurf
Now the first page is www.netsurf-browser.org/welcome
Naturally in this first page the left and right arrows in toolbar are correctly ghosted
- Then now open a new blank tab from WB menu or with the addtab button
Now if you go in this second tab you can see the same default page (www.netsurf-browser.org/welcome) but with the left arrow active, so it seems that this new page is linked in certain term with the first tab, but it's not or would not !
About this i receive a note from the AmigaOS4 mantainer:

to create a tab you have to have a "clone"
window (so the frontend knows where the tab needs to be created). There's
no way of telling the core that this is a completely new tab which needs
new history. I'll have to check the gtk version, but I suspect that has
the same problem.

Is it possible to support such feature in the future release ?
Additional Informationchris_y added a note on Wed Mar 2 20:25:01 2011

On the GTK version, creating a brand new tab clones the currently-selected tab in its entirety (including the URL).
Creating a new tab from the menu should open a brand new tab with new history and new content.

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Fixed in CI build #1568
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Chris Young


Chris Young (developer)

A clone window has to be specified on order to create a new tab (as that is the only way NetSurf knows which window to put the new tab in). Specifying a clone then clones that window (tab)'s history.
Chris Young


Chris Young (developer)

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Testing a fix from the menu item only in CI build 1567

Chris Young


Chris Young (developer)

Recreated history for any completely new tabs created. History still follows new tabs created by opening links as it is supposed to.
Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

Confirmed fixed in 3.1 release

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