2020-02-19 08:35 UTC

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00020222   featureclosed2015-10-31Hide link with advertisement
  00004421   minorclosed2015-10-31Positioning error
  00004712   minorclosed2015-10-31Fail edit in Squirrel Mail
  000214511 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Text not displayed
  000208922 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Table border error
  000210353 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Table layout is not correctly confining rowspans to their groups
  000210232 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10click on URL causes crash - Assertion failed
  000210134 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10line height is not computed correctly
  000206761 crashclosed (Steve Fryatt)2015-03-10Possible conflict between NetSurf and Mouseaxess
  000209742 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Text input field has misplaced text if its height is set in css
  000209841 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10In multiline text area field caret is not clipped.
  000208422 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Segfault on dragging file to file upload box
  00020956   crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10'Segmentation fault' on opening new tab.
  00003891   featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10BASE TARGET not supported
  000207621 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Repeatable crash when selecting from menu items
  000207721 crashclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2015-03-10Repeatable crash on http://www.raf.mod.uk/organisation/stations.cfm
  00003963   minorclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Another crash on hlcache.c
  00004963   trivialclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10URL behaviour
  000207311 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Fatal crash on http://500px.com/Valtsu
  000207222 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10"Newly opened tabs are blank" causes segfault on "New tab"
  000207111 minorclosed (John-Mark Bell)2015-03-10Repeatable crash
  00020642   minorclosed (John-Mark Bell)2015-03-10NetSurf leaves sockets open
  00020563   minorclosed (Steve Fryatt)2015-03-10The RISC OS frotend re-enters gui_poll()
  00020533   minorclosed (Steve Fryatt)2015-03-10"Open" input field too small.
  00003903   minorclosed (Steve Fryatt)2015-03-10Field for URL Input limited to 256 Bytes
  000204871 crashclosed (Steve Fryatt)2015-03-10Inexplicably NetSurf will say it has a problem and must exit.
  00020583   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Select forms behaving oddly
  000205531 crashclosed (John-Mark Bell)2015-03-10ares_cancel() does not cope with resolver jobs being cancelled within a callback
  00020602   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Recent versions of NetSurf submit form data differently from previous versions and from other browsers
  000205751 minorclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10search_web_ico failures cause NetSurf to slow down
  00004011   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10CSRF verification failed
  00019621   featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10upload file
  000205011 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Form fields not submitted if hidden from display
  00020522   minorclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Uploading files with non-ASCII filenames fails
  000044611 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10"Failed creating formpost data" - hard spaces in file paths
  00003943   crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10"Root box must not be inline": crash on rendering page
  00020344   featureclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Clone tab support
  00004943   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Crash in nsgif_destroy on exit
  00003854   majorclosed (Steve Fryatt)2015-03-10Mouse-Click in a frame, f8. This always loads the frameset p
  000204922 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Fatal crash on attempted loading of www.bsbi.org.uk
  00004511   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Minor image oddities
  00018981   featureclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Hot list
  00018952   featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Need exceptions to proxy settings
  000043621 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Long pre tagged text lines need to be broken up
  00004881   minorclosed (John-Mark Bell)2015-03-10Certificate¬†verification¬†query
  000051221 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Seg fault
  00005213   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Cookie deletion
  00005162   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-09Header truncation
  00004732   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-09Invisible frameborder
  000042811 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-09Deleting items in Hot List leaves artifacts at the bottom