2019-11-23 00:03 UTC

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00020666   minorclosed (John-Mark Bell)2015-03-10Failed to type Chinese text in input boxes
  00021841   majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Infinite loop quitting NetSurf GTK+ version
  00021832   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10URIOpenError The specified location is not supported
  00021502   majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10make install logic for "C" language directory is wrong, Message file not found
  00021172   featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Generated source file for internal font in source tree
  00021523   crashclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Seg Fault on NRE site
  000208511 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Line or coloumn hiding part of the text
  000207411 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Bugs and changes in 'netsurf-3.0-full-src.tar.gz'
  000216833 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Certificate validation tree is corrupted when manipulated
  00021675   crashclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Find in page hangs on long pages
  000217221 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Crash in BBC Complaints
  000215931 trivialclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10nsgtk crashes on selecting view source on the default page
  000214943 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Pages rendered blank outside initial visible area
  000215432 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2015-03-10Ordered list numbering after line break.
  000215751 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Crashed accessing Website
  00021692   majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Redraw can oscillate between two positions
  000216621 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10full-save crashes NetSurf
  00018923   featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Missing "copy URL" option
  000216221 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Assert when closing NetSurf before homepage loads
  000214341 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Lower part of page hidden/crash on fanfiction.net
  000214062 crashclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Poor/invalid URLs can cause the layout engine to stop after IDNA code merge
  00004402   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Fetching of file:/ URLs ignores encoding
  00019813   featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Transliteration
  00019054   featureclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Support for punycode/IDN
  000213641 minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2015-03-10Google hanging
  000212231 featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10For GTK2 no possibility to set ProxyNoproxy option
  00021341   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10Plain text view gets line widths wrong and breaks lines inside utf-8 characters
  000213151 crashclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10hotlist management
  000212331 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10full-save crash
  000212631 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2015-03-10full-save broken
  000211961 crashclosed (Chris Young)2015-03-10Crash in amiga_vmkpath