2019-04-26 05:21 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002642 1 majornew2019-04-18Faulty text input
  000255221 crashacknowledged2019-04-18Crashing and inability to use browser
  0002641    majornew2019-04-09CSS properties inheritance
  0002640    majornew2019-04-07Cannot browse Twitter
  0002583152 majorconfirmed (Chris Young)2019-03-30SSL not working in OS3 build
  0002639 1 minornew2019-03-19The "cursor" subtype of the icon format is not recognized.
  0002638    minornew2019-03-19Full Save loses <Map> coordinates
  00026354   minorresolved (Chris Young)2019-03-02One config can be used only
  000263631 minorresolved (Chris Young)2019-03-02Not all html files are read right locally
  0002637    minornew2019-02-28Inability to paste or drag urls into NetSurf
  00025953   majorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-02-22form submit with <button> does not send its name/value in form POST
  00026052   minorresolved2019-02-17JPEG image not displaying
  000262922 majorresolved (Michael Drake)2019-02-17Incorrect height with vh+margin-bottom+background-image
  00025991   minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2019-02-17libsvgtiny uses sscanf() to parse decimal fractions in path data, which is locale-dependent
  00019612   majorclosed2019-02-16Allow foo.html#bar to still have the #bar when exporting URL
  000253112 crashclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-02-16Segfault on nextdoor.com
  00026003   minorclosed2019-02-16authentication dead-end for site asking password but no username
  000262311 minorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2019-02-16libdom is unusable - include/dom/inttypes.h
  000262411 minorclosed2019-02-16Contribution - CMake-build-system for libwapcaplet
  000262511 minorclosed2019-02-16contribution - cmake-based build system for libcss
  000262121 featureclosed2019-02-16Contribution - CMake-based build system in one file
  000262221 minorclosed2019-02-160.3.5 - New cmake-based build system for libhubbub
  00026301   minorassigned (Daniel Silverstone)2019-02-16Dukky errors apearing in default logging state
  00023571   minorclosed2019-02-16Input field content invisible in startpage.com
  00026162   minorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-02-16netsurf-fb warns about missing Messages
  00026281   majorclosed2019-02-16running nsfb always give error
  00026321   trivialresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-02-15Duplicate definition of global variable in nsgenbind
  000246832 minorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2019-02-15Patch to build netsurf-fb on OpenBSD
  00026341   crashnew2019-02-10crash in fetch_curl_poll
  0002633    minornew2019-01-14Test runner can't handle certain buffering cases, causing spurious test failures
  00026311   minornew2019-01-11nsgtk seen as shared lib by Thunar when built with gcc
  00025583   minoracknowledged2018-12-19Timeouts when submitting data via multi-line text input icons
  000256331 minorconfirmed2018-12-19CSS is hiding captcha
  000261542 crashresolved (Michael Drake)2018-12-13NHS page causes crash
  000262633 crashassigned (Daniel Silverstone)2018-11-04site about Death and Dying kills Netsurf
  000262741 minorclosed2018-11-03Build of all tarball fails with `No rule to make target 'default.css', needed by 'build/Linux-gtk/netsurf_gresource.c'`
  000257332 majorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2018-10-01Page layout problems
  00026121   minorresolved (Chris Young)2018-09-27Some messages strings not converted to local charset
  0002620 1 minornew2018-09-250.2.4 - test suite cscodec-utf16.c in Windows
  000261912 majornew2018-09-250.3.5 -tokenizer2 test fails to compile
  0002618    featurenew2018-09-24buildsystem fails to compile shared libraries
  0002617 1 minornew2018-09-18[PATCH] add lcc compiler detection
  0002613    majornew2018-09-11Warning Timeout was Reached.
  00026141   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2018-09-05Move Netsurf Bug Report, releases & source to Git-hub,
  000258252 blockclosed (Chris Young)2018-08-29NetSurf won't launch on SAM440EP since OpenSSL 1.1
  000258021 minorclosed2018-08-29Botched pixel format conversion corrupts librsvg-rendered images
  000257921 minorclosed2018-08-29Memory leak in a cache back-end
  000257031 minorclosed2018-08-29Failure to display some JPEGs
  000256741 crashclosed2018-08-29Netsurf crashes when started...
  000256651 crashclosed2018-08-29Repeatable crash on https://www.cheltenhamramblingclub.org.uk/leaders-information