2019-01-22 02:54 UTC

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000258252 blockclosed (Chris Young)2018-08-29NetSurf won't launch on SAM440EP since OpenSSL 1.1
  000258021 minorclosed2018-08-29Botched pixel format conversion corrupts librsvg-rendered images
  000257921 minorclosed2018-08-29Memory leak in a cache back-end
  000257031 minorclosed2018-08-29Failure to display some JPEGs
  000256741 crashclosed2018-08-29Netsurf crashes when started...
  000256651 crashclosed2018-08-29Repeatable crash on https://www.cheltenhamramblingclub.org.uk/leaders-information
  000253431 tweakclosed (Vincent Sanders)2018-08-29ChkSprites utility doesn't verify the OS can actually plot alpha sprites
  00019072   featureclosed2018-08-29Ability to mark cookies as permanent
  00025392   majorclosed2018-08-29dukky_document_write: error; no parser for htmlc
  000248612 majorclosed2018-08-29SVG rendering broken
  000226653 minorclosed2018-08-29URLs about:welcome, about:credits and about:licence don't load localized version when the corresponding files are available
  0002477132 majorclosed2018-08-29Scanning fonts fails on MathPhys despite previously being OK
  0002577146 crashclosed2018-08-29Fails to load the Unicode font Library
  000254082 minorclosed (John-Mark Bell)2018-08-29Page content not visible
  000259331 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2018-08-29URL crashes NetSurf
  000259721 blockclosed2018-08-29Browser not work , i have only window "warnning css base"
  000256241 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2018-08-29Hotlist and global history redraw issues
  00025962   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2018-08-29Drag URL omits on-page part
  000260793 blockclosed2018-08-29HTTP Basic authentication keeps re-prompting
  000261153 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2018-08-29Crash on BBC news web site URL
  00025813   featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2018-08-29Poor choice of keybindings in the GTK front-end
  000258931 majorclosed2018-08-29The Unicode font library could not be initialized.
  00025883   tweakclosed (Vincent Sanders)2018-08-29Can't compile from source
  00019581   featureclosed2018-08-29back button to remember starting position
  00025692   majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2018-08-29Bus error when search box is removed
  000256121 crashclosed2018-08-29Abort
  00025842   majorclosed (Chris Young)2018-08-29CA bundle still includes untrustworthy startcom and wosign certificates