2024-04-12 14:28 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000287142 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2024-04-05Netsurf-gtk crashes on start due to NULL dereference
  0002870    minornew2024-03-090.9.2 tests fail to build on 32-bit system
  0002869 1 minornew2024-03-05hotlist issue with German territory
  0002868    crashnew2024-03-03Crash (segfault) on NULL style of nested box when trying to get computed height
  00028671   crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2024-02-25Segmentation fault if form contains radio inputs without names
  00025785   minorclosed (Chris Young)2024-02-25Unable to type using Amiga-1251 charset
  000278321 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2024-02-25Segmentation Fault
  00027878   crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2024-02-25Unable to find resource pageinfo.gtk2.ui on resource path
  000278821 featureclosed (Vincent Sanders)2024-02-25Support Ctrl+A in the address bar
  00028003   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2024-02-25Back / forward mouse buttons doesn't work
  000279721 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2024-02-25Handling of CSS @media rules appears to have changed
  00027998   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2024-02-25Drag from URL bar no longer saves/inserts text
  00028463   crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2024-02-25Division by zero when there are images in cache but total size is zero.
  0002866    minornew2024-02-24Search from URL bar doesn't
  000286511 majornew2024-02-02innerHTML and textContent can be assigned, but page view does not update
  0002864 2 minornew2024-01-15Build failure on Mac O X 10.6: Segmentation fault in nsgenbind
  0002863 1 minornew2024-01-15Build failure on Mac OS X 10.6: Undefined symbols: _getline
  0002862 1 minornew2024-01-15error: use of undeclared identifier 'AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW'
  0002861 1 minornew2024-01-02ld: unknown option: --trace
  00028151   minornew2024-01-02implicit declaration of function 'strcasestr' is invalid in C99
  000281311 minornew2024-01-02Makefile hardcodes perl; should use $(PERL)
  0002860    crashnew2023-10-08NetSurf core failed to initialise - PowerPC Fedora
  000285822 crashnew2023-09-17segfault; content_get_bitmap returns an invalid pointer
  000285482 crashresolved (Michael Drake)2023-09-17Netsurf segmentation fault in libcss
  0002859    featurenew2023-08-29Add support for properties parsed by libsvgtiny
  00028531   minornew2023-08-27CleanTechnica layout issue
  00024732   crashacknowledged2023-08-14error building with libharu 2.2.1 : implicit declaration haru_nsfont_apply_style
  00028523   majornew2023-08-14Fails to start
  00025424   minorconfirmed2023-08-14Build failure against upstream's utf8proc due to moved header
  000285512 minornew2023-08-12Build failure with LibreSSL 3.7.2
  00028571   crashnew2023-08-08Segfault in lwc__intern
  000284754 minornew2023-01-03Netsurf cannot display Facebook posts with user's own comments
  0002851    minornew2022-11-04Build fails with install from BusyBox
  0002850 1 featurenew2022-10-28Radial gradients
  0002849 1 crashnew2022-10-16Crash on Pluto SourceForge link
  00027751   minornew2022-10-16URLs get truncated/corrupted on drag
  00028481   minoracknowledged2022-08-28duck duck go search engine shows a blank page
  000284311 minoracknowledged2022-08-28[PATCH] windows: Improve keyboard and mouse input in core windows
  000282711 tweakacknowledged2022-08-28CI build not shown on Windows
  0002045112 majorconfirmed2022-05-27nsgtk: regression in the Preferences window
  00027784   blocknew2022-05-27"multiple definition of `fb_regular_sections'" When trying to build.
  00028452   minornew2022-05-08Unable to start netsurf in the framebuffer
  0002831    minornew2022-04-27Global history expands off bottom of screen
  00025241   featureconfirmed2022-04-24Copy on selection
  00025954   majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2022-04-14form submit with <button> does not send its name/value in form POST
  0002842 1 minornew2022-02-18[PATCH] windows: Add menu bars to the hotlist, cookies and global history windows
  0002841 1 minornew2022-02-16[PATCH] gtk: Fix the caret position when scrolling with GTK3
  0002840 3 minornew2022-02-16[PATCH] Update the x86_64-w64-mingw32 toolchain
  0002839 1 minornew2022-02-14[PATCH] Fix libcurl builds with MinGW
  0002838 2 minornew2022-02-13[PATCH] Update libexpat and libwebp