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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00025954   majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2022-04-14form submit with <button> does not send its name/value in form POST
  0002673131 crashclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2020-05-27Crashing, Closing when going to some websites.
  00026122   minorclosed (Chris Young)2019-07-19Some messages strings not converted to local charset
  000261552 crashclosed (Michael Drake)2019-07-19NHS page causes crash
  000246842 minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2019-07-19Patch to build netsurf-fb on OpenBSD
  00026322   trivialclosed (Vincent Sanders)2019-07-19Duplicate definition of global variable in nsgenbind
  00026163   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2019-07-19netsurf-fb warns about missing Messages
  000262932 majorclosed (Michael Drake)2019-07-19Incorrect height with vh+margin-bottom+background-image
  00026053   minorclosed2019-07-19JPEG image not displaying
  000263641 minorclosed (Chris Young)2019-07-19Not all html files are read right locally
  00026355   minorclosed (Chris Young)2019-07-19One config can be used only
  000041932 minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19NS loops with js enabled
  000253733 majorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19RuhRoh, couldn't find a prototype, HTMLUnknownElement it is
  000262653 crashclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19site about Death and Dying kills Netsurf
  00026303   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19Dukky errors apearing in default logging state
  000257231 majorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19Strange javascript problem: some "random" .js files are not working and they breaks other scripts
  00024622   minorclosed2019-07-19Top result from Yahoo! search not accessible
  0002583172 majorclosed (Chris Young)2019-07-19SSL not working in OS3 build
  000264231 majorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2019-07-19Faulty text input
  000264731 crashclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19Crash in #4640
  000265731 crashclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19Crash with 4640 development release
  00026634   minorclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19curl 7.65.0 breaks HTTP redirects
  00026693   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2019-07-19lwc string leak
  00026682   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2019-07-19out of bounds read
  000264651 crashclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19HTMLUnknownElement followed by crash
  00026702   crashclosed2019-07-19visiting site causes assert
  00018742   minorclosed2019-07-19Better media descriptor parsing
  00026722   minorclosed2019-07-19popular sites test causes some valgrind errors
  00026677   crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2019-07-19the popular sites test is asploding because of a double free
  00026792   minorclosed (John-Mark Bell)2019-07-19_ALIGNED used in public header in libdom
  000258642 trivialclosed2019-07-19netsurf fails to build for openSUSE (OBS) because of 64bit-portability-issue
  000241982 blockclosed2019-07-19Blank pages at www.care2.com
  000256031 crashclosed2019-07-19Crash on moving mouse on specific website (html_mouse_action: Assertion failed: mode != NULL)
  000228321 minorclosed2019-07-19Fails to load Daily Mail front page with Javascript on
  000239551 minorclosed2019-07-19JPEG images fail to render
  00026802   crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2019-07-19SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. when running popular site parallel test
  000264421 crashclosed (Daniel Silverstone)2019-07-19Segmentation Fault (booking.com)