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0002806NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2024-05-27 14:04
ReporterMike Hobbs 
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PlatformVRPC-DLOSRISC OSOS Version4.02
Product Version3.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002806: NetSurf crashes during startup
DescriptionFresh install of 3.10 on VRPC-DL (from zip download) including all module updates. NetSurf has run on this machine a while ago but not recently.
On running !NetSurf the hourglass percentage is shown but just before it reaches 100% an error window appears: NetSurf has experienced a serious error... Log file shows seg fault.
Steps To ReproduceThis is system specific as I have another similar VRPC-SA system where NetSurf works fine. However, I can't determine what is different. Virtually everything in the HardDisc4 of the failing system was copied from the working system, including all relevant modules, Choices and Scrap files but it still fails.
Failure is reproducible always on starting !NetSurf.
Additional InformationI tried older versions of NetSurf going back to 3.6 and all fail in the same way although older versions show the progress bar instead of the hourglass percentage. From years ago I have a vague recollection of something that can be reset to avoid the initialization phase but can't remember what it is.
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kinnison (administrator)

Based on the incredible number of rufl errors, I'm guessing this was a badly set up font set. however I don't know how to diagnose that kind of thing.

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