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0002303NetSurfLayoutpublic2015-04-03 12:03
ReporterJim Nagel 
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Product Version3.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002303: The layout of the article div on the central somerset gazette is wrong
DescriptionThese pages from local newspaper takes ages in the fetching-processing stage, and then finally displays its text in a pane that is too narrow to read.
Steps To Reproducenavigate to http://www.centralsomersetgazette.co.uk/Just-doctor-ordered/story-26229361-detail/story.html
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Fixed in CI build #
Reported in CI build #2644
URL of problem pagehttp://www.centralsomersetgazette.co.uk/Just-doctor-ordered/story-26229361-detail/story.html
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Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

This appears to come from the issue that the articles containing div is not clearing teh byline dive above it and ends up in a narrow gap

the div is:
div id="article-section" class="clearfix image-holder"

there is a before image thats supposed to force the clear but fails
see attached images for netsurf rendering and chrome showing debug.

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