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Summary 0002443: form gadget lifetime is broken
Revision 2016-03-16 08:53 by Vincent Sanders
Additional Information box creation in render/box_construct.c calls

html_forms_get_control_for_node(content->forms, n);

to obtain a gadget for a DOM node and generally puts the returned gadget on the box tree

box_select is the exception and processes the DOM nodes children. If there is an error in the child DOM node processing for any reason it abandons (partial) box creation and some error paths free the form control.

The form control returned from html_forms_get_control_for_node() should never be freed however as the return is memoised on the content->forms structure and there may be other users.

However html_forms_get_control_for_node() may create a gadget but fail to add it to content->forms if there is an error or there is not form element on the DOM. Additionally if there is an error it constructs a "fake" gadget

see render/html_forms.c around line 527 for details.
Revision 2016-03-16 08:41 by Vincent Sanders
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