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0002550NetSurfABENDpublic2017-09-09 12:34
ReporterRichard Porter 
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SeveritycrashReproducibilityunable to reproduce 
PlatformARMX6OSRISC OSOS Version5.23
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002550: SegFault on Full save on Flickr
DescriptionNS crashes when trying to do a full save from Flickr. Some but not all files have been saved.
Steps To ReproduceGo to problem page, try to do a full save.
Additional InformationThe page isn't being formatted correctly and images are being overlaid.
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Fixed in CI build #
Reported in CI build #4135
URL of problem page https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnbullas/albums/666400
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Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

I have unsuccessfully attempted to reproduce on gtk and RISC OS frontends.

The backtrace suggested desktop/save_complete.c:save_complete_rewrite_stylesheet_urls() had caused a segmentation fault but there appears to be no code path that causes this.

I am going surmise that this was caused by a low memory situation that RISC OS failed to handle. therefore closing the bug as unreproducable

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