2017-04-23 14:51 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000246822 minorassigned (Vincent Sanders)2017-04-23Patch to build netsurf-fb on OpenBSD
  0002524    featureconfirmed2017-04-23Copy on selection
  0002525    featureacknowledged2017-04-23Spoof referer option
  0002527    minoracknowledged2017-04-23startpage.com background image wrong scaling
  0002528    minoracknowledged2017-04-23https://www.magiccardmarket.eu/ unusable
  000252342 crashacknowledged2017-04-23Crash on wikipedia
  00025262   featureacknowledged2017-04-23Open bookmark in new tab, not new window
  0002531 2 crashacknowledged2017-04-23Segfault on nextdoor.com
  00025321   crashacknowledged2017-04-23Crash when visiting https://www.ringsdb.com/bundles/fosjsrouting/js/router.js
  0002484103 majorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-23http://www.bapfish.org.uk/index.htm now virtually unusable.
  00025062   minorresolved (Dave Higton)2017-04-23RISC OS: Can't move hotlist, history, cookies windows partially off screen
  000252021 minorresolved2017-04-23Hotlist "Last visit" and "Visits" text overwrites labels
  000241641 minorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-21HTML style comments in JavaScript not handled
  000247741 majoracknowledged2017-04-11Scanning fonts fails on MathPhys despite previously being OK
  000232511 majorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-11Text overlap each other
  000212094 majorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-11GTK font rendering broken on non-96dpi desktops
  00025301   featureconfirmed2017-03-31Unable to use the Print function in Amiga OS
  0002437    featureacknowledged2017-03-30Double-clicking website in Hotlist window should open tab not a new window!
  000249341 crashresolved (Chris Young)2017-03-30System "assert" crash on 2 separate occasions 0000002
  0002522 1 crashacknowledged2017-03-27Abort on Data Transfer
  000252931 crashacknowledged2017-03-27Crash at shutdown
  00023263   minorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-03-27Out Of Memory error with invalid file URL as homepage
  000247621 crashfeedback (Michael Drake)2017-03-23Crash on Amazon site
  000249221 crashfeedback (Michael Drake)2017-03-23System "assert" crash on 2 separate occasions
  000252131 minorconfirmed2017-02-11Inputs with attributes "readonly" or "disabled" are rendered inconsitently
  000251911 featureacknowledged2017-01-29Add setter for Document::cookie
  00025022   minoracknowledged2017-01-29Twitch doesn't load fully
  00025012   minorconfirmed2017-01-28Issue with FreewareFiles.com
  00025001   minoracknowledged2017-01-28Threads on NeoGAF render weirdly
  00025031   tweakacknowledged2017-01-28Auto Reload Function
  0002516 1 crashacknowledged2017-01-28Crash on Facebook
  000251121 minoracknowledged2017-01-28Some BBC News URLs usually fail to fetch and render
  000251721 minoracknowledged2017-01-28libsvgtiny fails to build with gperf-3.1
  000251511 crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2017-01-25Malformed gifs can cause bad array indexing in gif_decode_frame()
  00024991   featureacknowledged2017-01-22Feature suggestion regarding Bookmark Folders
  00024981   tweakacknowledged2017-01-22Suggestion for the Bookmarks dialog
  00025041   featureacknowledged2017-01-22Sessions support
  00025131   featureacknowledged2017-01-22Notify via ns-dev mailing list when toolchain is updated
  0002514    featureacknowledged2017-01-22Full Save
  00024962   majoracknowledged2017-01-22new tab are not real, updates always are on first tab
  0002497    tweakacknowledged2017-01-18Suggestion for Keyboard Shortcut
  00024742   minorresolved2017-01-18error runtime: faile to find ui resource at execute
  0002490    minoracknowledged2017-01-18Memory leaks in libwapcaplet
  000251211 crashacknowledged2017-01-153.7 #3955
  0002494112 crashacknowledged (Dave Higton)2017-01-13Won'l run after fresh install/update.
  00025091   minoracknowledged2017-01-11Direct Torrents doesn't work properly
  00025081   minoracknowledged2017-01-114chan Images aren't positioned properly
  00025051   minoracknowledged2017-01-11Issue with the Button/Address Bar
  0002510    minoracknowledged2017-01-11Issue with XenForo's forum software spoiler tag
  000250711 crashresolved2017-01-08Browser Crash on handling security when visiting openmailbox.org