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0002534NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2017-06-09 19:48
Assigned ToVincent Sanders 
Product Version3.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.7 
Summary0002534: ChkSprites utility doesn't verify the OS can actually plot alpha sprites
DescriptionChkSprites uses OS_SpriteOp 17 (verify area) to decide whether to use the alpha sprites versus plain masked sprites. However, with an updated SpriteExtend loaded on an older OS, the verify passes because the area is indeed valid, it's just the OS has no idea how to plot them.

This results in a corrupt quarter width sprite in the Filer/icon bar.
Additional InformationThe attached ChkSprites is improved in 2 ways
a) it doesn't waste time loading the ASprites file off disc, it just creates a 1x1 sprite in memory
b) it asks the kernel whether it can plot alpha sprites, and qualifies that with the previous area check

Tested on RISC OS Select 6.16, also 4.02 with softloaded SpriteExtend, and RISC OS 5.23.
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