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0002532NetSurfGTK-specificpublic2017-10-02 21:29
ReporterAlastair Hughes 
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SeveritycrashReproducibilityunable to reproduce 
StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS VersionArch
Product Version3.6 
Target Version3.7Fixed in Version 
Summary0002532: Crash when visiting https://www.ringsdb.com/bundles/fosjsrouting/js/router.js
DescriptionThe 3.6 GTK version of Netsurf happily crashes on x86_64 Arch Linux when visiting the given web page through a convoluted route.
Steps To ReproduceOpen Netsurf by running "netsurf" in a terminal.
Visit www.ringsdb.com, then open the page source in a different window.
Scroll down to the bottom of the "page source", and select the "/bundles/fosjsrouting/js/router.js" script src text.
Use CTRL-C to copy the text.
Open a new tab, type http://www.ringsdb.com<CTRL-V>, and hit return.

The reproduction method seems pretty fragile; running netsurf with "-v", going to the webpage directly, or adding an extra "/" to the URL are all enough for netsurf to continue happily. Hopefully that is enough for you to reproduce it :D
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Fixed in CI build #
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URL of problem pagehttps://www.ringsdb.com/bundles/fosjsrouting/js/router.js
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Alastair Hughes


Alastair Hughes (reporter)

This seems to still be an issue with the git version of Netsurf.
Daniel Silverstone


Daniel Silverstone (administrator)

I am unable to reproduce the crash in current CI builds. Could you try?
Alastair Hughes


Alastair Hughes (reporter)

I can't reproduce either, with both the current Arch build of Netsurf and from git. Perhaps the issue was caused by a bug in another component of my system? Anyway, it seems to be working now, so feel free to close :)

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