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0001958NetSurf[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-04-21 10:37
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.8 
Summary0001958: back button to remember starting position

Having followed a link from near to the bottom of page_a, to page_b,
when using the 'back' button to return to page_a, the position on page_a is not remembered. eg:

On page file:///<NetSurf$Dir>/Docs/docs_en click on the
'Development√ā¬†Progress' link near the bottom of the page, which leads to file:///<NetSurf$Dir>/Docs/progress_en

Now clicking on the 'back' button returns to the top of page
file:///<NetSurf$Dir>/Docs/docs_en , not the starting point near the
bottom of the page.


When following a link, NetSurf should remember the position of the link
on the page, and should return to that position, via the 'back' button.

Additional Informationcjt02 added a note on Wed Sep 13 23:04:49 2006

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I'd like to second this.

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