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0002087NetSurfLayoutpublic2014-03-05 00:512014-03-17 16:14
ReporterHarriet Bazley 
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PlatformARMOSRISC OSOS Version5.19
Product Version3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
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Reported in CI build #1741
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Summary0002087: Stylesheets not loading
DescriptionThe stylesheets for the CV-Library site are no longer loading, severely affecting the layout.
Steps To ReproduceVisit the site (see also below, and screenshots attached)
Additional InformationThe problem appears to be caused by strings of the form 'media="(min-width: 700px)" ' within the links that load the stylesheets in the page headers. If you do a full save and edit the headers accordingly, the stylesheets load and the intended layout can be seen. Before and after screenshots attached.
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Attached Fileszip (61,017) 2014-03-05 00:51
? rlog (38,046) 2014-03-12 10:06

2014-03-09 03:43   
I could track down the problem to html_css.c:378 in the render folder.
The additional HTML5 media attributes of the link tag have to be implemented.
Vincent Sanders   
2014-03-12 10:09   
The rlog file is from a test run I ran from master HEAD.

I launched nsgtk with the url from the command line

The browser is waiting with with "Fetching, Processing" in the status bar
"Loading..." as the title and the log says it is not doing anything but polling is happening

After waiting a while I created a new tab which worked

When switching back to the "Loading..." tab the browser aborted with a Segmentation Fault
Vincent Sanders   
2014-03-17 16:14   
with javascript disabled the page loads both stylesheets as our media attribute processing is wrong

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