2018-02-20 07:45 UTC

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002590    minornew2018-02-19Use Online Telecom Market place for Engineering Technician Jobs
  00025835   majorconfirmed (Chris Young)2018-01-29SSL not working in OS3 build
  000258921 majorresolved2018-01-29The Unicode font library could not be initialized.
  0002588    tweaknew2018-01-25Can't compile from source
  000254072 minorresolved (John-Mark Bell)2018-01-23Page content not visible
  00025691   majorresolved (Vincent Sanders)2018-01-23Bus error when search box is removed
  0002577136 crashresolved2018-01-23Fails to load the Unicode font Library
  0002477122 majorresolved2018-01-22Scanning fonts fails on MathPhys despite previously being OK
  0002587    textnew2018-01-21On some sites (forums.raspberrypi.org as example) - acessing an SVG file blocks/stops browser
  000226643 minorresolved2018-01-21URLs about:welcome, about:credits and about:licence don't load localized version when the corresponding files are available
  000256111 crashresolved2018-01-21Abort
  0002226    majorresolved2018-01-21can't build 3.0 -- libcss incompatible
  0002486 2 majorresolved2018-01-21SVG rendering broken
  00025391   majorresolved2018-01-21dukky_document_write: error; no parser for htmlc
  00019071   featureresolved2018-01-20Ability to mark cookies as permanent
  000253421 tweakresolved (Vincent Sanders)2018-01-20ChkSprites utility doesn't verify the OS can actually plot alpha sprites
  000256641 crashresolved2018-01-20Repeatable crash on https://www.cheltenhamramblingclub.org.uk/leaders-information
  000256731 crashresolved2018-01-20Netsurf crashes when started...
  000257021 minorresolved2018-01-20Failure to display some JPEGs
  000257911 minorresolved2018-01-20Memory leak in a cache back-end
  000258622 trivialfeedback2018-01-20netsurf fails to build for openSUSE (OBS) because of 64bit-portability-issue
  000258011 minorresolved2018-01-20Botched pixel format conversion corrupts librsvg-rendered images
  000237122 minoracknowledged2018-01-08Browser doesn't stay logged in on Dreamwidth
  0002585 1 minornew2018-01-08Left-hand column of images overlays text
  00025841   majorresolved (Chris Young)2018-01-07CA bundle still includes untrustworthy startcom and wosign certificates
  000210022 minorconfirmed (Michael Drake)2018-01-07Box size incorrect on Eurogamer
  000258242 blockresolved (Chris Young)2017-12-10NetSurf won't launch on SAM440EP since OpenSSL 1.1
  00025782   minorconfirmed (Chris Young)2017-12-09Unable to type using Amiga-1251 charset
  0002581    featurenew2017-12-06Poor choice of keybindings in the GTK front-end
  0002576    minornew2017-11-08bug report webpage and man page lack details where to find log file
  0002575    tweaknew2017-11-08When opening a link in a new tab with the middle mouse button focus for scrolling down has changed
  000257311 majornew2017-11-06Page layout problems
  0002574    majornew2017-11-06Internation char input support ?
  0002572 1 majornew2017-11-01Strange javascript problem: some "random" .js files are not working and they breaks other scripts
  0002571    featurenew2017-11-01Confirm before leaving page
  000241962 blockacknowledged2017-10-25Blank pages at www.care2.com
  00025681   blocknew2017-10-25Netsurf-fb: Unable to initialize framebuffer
  00018856   featurenew2017-10-19backspace key to go back
  00024832   minorclosed2017-10-16Build failure since e8a9e3744523671228fef385ce7e1e11f93283b0 with LibreSSL
  00023977   crashclosed (Chris Young)2017-10-16Netsurf Dev version 3222 crashes if run from a write-protected partition when users directory is in the Netsurf directory.
  000248121 crashclosed2017-10-16Crash on SSL error
  000247143 crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2017-10-16RISC OS SSL certifcate problem causes browser crash
  000250721 crashclosed2017-10-16Browser Crash on handling security when visiting openmailbox.org
  00024743   minorclosed2017-10-16error runtime: faile to find ui resource at execute
  00023264   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2017-10-16Out Of Memory error with invalid file URL as homepage
  000249351 crashclosed (Chris Young)2017-10-16System "assert" crash on 2 separate occasions 0000002
  0002120104 majorclosed (Michael Drake)2017-10-16GTK font rendering broken on non-96dpi desktops
  000232521 majorclosed (Michael Drake)2017-10-16Text overlap each other
  000241651 minorclosed (Michael Drake)2017-10-16HTML style comments in JavaScript not handled
  000252031 minorclosed2017-10-16Hotlist "Last visit" and "Visits" text overwrites labels