2017-09-22 19:39 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00019541   featureresolved (Michael Drake)2017-09-19No way to search global history
  00019491   featureresolved (Michael Drake)2017-09-19Search option for hotlist
  0001879    minorresolved2017-09-09[win32] measure characters in unicode
  00005201   minorresolved2017-09-09Website lacks navigation elements
  00004691   minorresolved2017-09-09incomplete page display
  00005182   minorresolved2017-09-09Layout of telepolis.de is broken within 2.7
  00025551   majorresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2017-09-09"No GC" alert when resizing the window
  00025494   tweakresolved (Daniel Silverstone)2017-09-09Rendering of UTF-8 when <meta> attributes not semicolon separated
  000254521 minorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-06-09Broken render clipping prevents page display
  00023933   minorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-05-05They Work For You # linkd
  000218751 minorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-28Text not flowed around box
  00025002   minorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-26Threads on NeoGAF render weirdly
  00019142   featureresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-25Autosave Hotlist
  000247631 crashresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-25Crash on Amazon site
  000249231 crashresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-25System "assert" crash on 2 separate occasions
  0002484103 majorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-23http://www.bapfish.org.uk/index.htm now virtually unusable.
  00025062   minorresolved (Dave Higton)2017-04-23RISC OS: Can't move hotlist, history, cookies windows partially off screen
  000252021 minorresolved2017-04-23Hotlist "Last visit" and "Visits" text overwrites labels
  000241641 minorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-21HTML style comments in JavaScript not handled
  000232511 majorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-11Text overlap each other
  000212094 majorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-04-11GTK font rendering broken on non-96dpi desktops
  000249341 crashresolved (Chris Young)2017-03-30System "assert" crash on 2 separate occasions 0000002
  00023263   minorresolved (Michael Drake)2017-03-27Out Of Memory error with invalid file URL as homepage
  000251511 crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2017-01-25Malformed gifs can cause bad array indexing in gif_decode_frame()
  00024742   minorresolved2017-01-18error runtime: faile to find ui resource at execute
  000250711 crashresolved2017-01-08Browser Crash on handling security when visiting openmailbox.org
  000247133 crashresolved (Vincent Sanders)2017-01-08RISC OS SSL certifcate problem causes browser crash
  000248111 crashresolved2016-12-31Crash on SSL error
  00023976   crashresolved (Chris Young)2016-12-11Netsurf Dev version 3222 crashes if run from a write-protected partition when users directory is in the Netsurf directory.
  00024831   minorresolved2016-11-21Build failure since e8a9e3744523671228fef385ce7e1e11f93283b0 with LibreSSL