2019-10-18 00:39 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002199    majoracknowledged2019-10-17integer overflow in gtk download progress window with files > 2GB
  000270711 minorconfirmed2019-10-16Times out if server requires login and does not accept second connection
  000270522 minorconfirmed2019-10-15Text appears compressed into left-hand column
  0002706 1 majoracknowledged2019-10-15built via quick step help says 3.10, cannot login to wordpress or associated message board
  0002708 1 minoracknowledged2019-10-15Save size and location work partially
  0002709    minoracknowledged2019-10-15UTF8 text in caption not properly decoded
  000271023 minoracknowledged2019-10-15Preformatted text fails to align
  000270411 crashfeedback2019-10-01Segmentation fault when trying to view page source
  0002703    majornew2019-09-03text disappeared
  000269951 majorconfirmed2019-09-01Googkle home page inacessible in RISC OS NetSurf
  0002702 1 minornew2019-09-01Google no longer loads
  0002701 1 featurenew2019-08-26[PATCH] Add libwebp to arm-unknown-riscos and i686-w64-mingw32 targets
  000268223 crashacknowledged2019-08-20Occasional crash
  000268921 minornew2019-08-17Unwanted vertical scroll bars on content
  0002695    minornew2019-08-11"newly opened tabs are blank" not completely implemented
  0002694    minornew2019-08-11feature request: scroll down a page with space bar
  000268822 minornew2019-08-09No images visible
  00026904   majoracknowledged2019-08-06Animated GIF causes box_coords to explode
  000267551 majoracknowledged2019-08-03All HTTPS results in "Problem with the SSL CA cert "
  0002687 1 crashnew2019-08-02Crash on complete save
  00026491   minornew2019-08-01Direct image viewing bugs
  000261711 minorresolved2019-08-01[PATCH] add lcc compiler detection
  00026522   minorconfirmed2019-08-01http://www.amigans.net/ is missing title bar
  0000448    minoracknowledged2019-08-01Plot order for CSS positioned elements
  000266021 crashresolved2019-08-01Crashes reliably with javascript and plugins disabled
  000268311 trivialresolved2019-08-01small typo in docs
  000266122 trivialresolved2019-08-01proposing comment correction and small simplification of code
  000267411 minoracknowledged2019-08-01popular sites parallel
  000268433 crashacknowledged2019-08-01Various segfault crashes
  0002637    minoracknowledged2019-07-21Inability to paste or drag urls into NetSurf
  000267711 minoracknowledged2019-06-30graphic not rendered correctly
  00026593   minoracknowledged2019-06-13German eBay-Site doesn't show complete scollbar
  0002662 1 minorconfirmed2019-06-03Bottom margin incorrectly "escapes" parent with border
  00026561   minorconfirmed2019-05-28IMDb support page renders as blank
  00026541   majoracknowledged2019-05-24Warning from Netsurf - Couldn't use specified SSL cipher
  0002613    majoracknowledged2019-05-06Warning Timeout was Reached.
  0002638    minoracknowledged2019-05-06Full Save loses <Map> coordinates
  000264323 crashacknowledged2019-05-06Segfault when linked against ld-musl-i386.so.1
  00021611   minoracknowledged2019-05-06Intermittent display of static Google PNG route map (AA web site)
  000248815 majorconfirmed2019-05-06Framebuffer bad endianness when loading images
  000248711 majorconfirmed2019-05-06X framebuffer displays garbage with low values of -b
  00020472   minorconfirmed2019-05-06Blank pages
  00025741   majoracknowledged2019-05-06Internation char input support ?
  00025751   tweakconfirmed2019-05-06When opening a link in a new tab with the middle mouse button focus for scrolling down has changed
  00025685   blockacknowledged2019-05-06Netsurf-fb: Unable to initialize framebuffer
  000255221 crashacknowledged2019-04-18Crashing and inability to use browser
  000256331 minorconfirmed2018-12-19CSS is hiding captcha
  0002620 1 minornew2018-09-250.2.4 - test suite cscodec-utf16.c in Windows
  00026092   minoracknowledged2018-08-28Scroll bar issue when zooming-in
  000260651 minoracknowledged2018-08-28Refresh page fails to refresh