2019-07-16 16:01 BST

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    ID # Attachment count SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00024743   minorclosed2017-10-16error runtime: faile to find ui resource at execute
  000245021 majorclosed (Chris Young)2016-11-22Upload form element aborts page render
  00024403   minorclosed (Chris Young)2016-11-22Non-ASCII chars in hotlist entry titles get converted to '?'
  000245921 crashclosed2016-11-22NetSurf crashes on failed initialization of libjpeg context
  00023863   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2016-11-22Pass BMP suite
  000188441 featureclosed2016-11-22Conditionally include image headers
  00020611   minorclosed (Michael Drake)2016-11-22Favicon not shown correctly
  00024422   crashclosed (Vincent Sanders)2016-11-22GTK SSL certifcate problem causes browser crash
  000247831 crashclosed (Chris Young)2016-11-22Freeze on image display/decode
  000225272 minorclosed (Chris Young)2016-11-22Server returned nothing when posting >~550bytes
  00022723   minorclosed (Vincent Sanders)2016-11-22Compose key doesn’t work with xim
  00024721   blockclosed2016-09-29fbtk.h:36: error: redefinición de la definición de tipo ‘fbtk_widget_t’