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0002148NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2016-02-16 15:25
ReporterHarriet Bazley 
Assigned ToSteve Fryatt 
PlatformARMOSRISC OSOS Version5.19
Product Version3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.4 
Summary0002148: File upload interface on RISC OS states 'click to select file'
DescriptionThe text for a file upload icon in the RISC OS interface has been changed at some point in more recent versions to read 'Click to select file' (rather than, say, 'Drop a file here to upload it').
This is a cosmetic issue, because it is still possible to drag a file icon to the window to upload it as per normal RISC OS usage. However, it is a bug since clicking on the icon as stated does *not* allow you to select a file....
Steps To ReproduceSee for example 'Upload file' icon on bug tracker below.
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Reported in CI build #1932
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Sprow (reporter)

This seems to work OK as far as I can see - taking this very Mantis page as an example the Select File prompt seen in (for example) Windows appears as "Drop a file here to upload it" in RISC OS, which is the token 'FormFile' from the messages file.
Harriet Bazley


Harriet Bazley (reporter)

Yes, I'm now seeing "Drop file here" in the Upload file icon (although not "Drop a file here to upload it"....)


Sprow (reporter)

"Drop file here" is message token 'Form_Drop' which presumably gets used in that situation (I was looking at the 'Select File' area just above where I'm typing now.

Sounds like this ticket can be closed?
Vincent Sanders


Vincent Sanders (administrator)

Confirmed resolved in 3.4 release

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