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0000498NetSurfLayoutpublic2010-08-26 16:382015-03-10 12:00
ReporterSimon Smith 
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Reported in CI build #1543
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Summary0000498: Possible OL glitch
DescriptionI had an ordered list containing a minor error, something like this:

  1. first list entry

  2. second list entry

That confused Netsurf and I got two 1.'s in the list, the second one in bold (well, probably STRONG), the first one not.

Might be a 'Won't fix' issue but I thought I'd mention it. n.b. Build dated about a month ago, but I'm logging the issue now before I forget the details. Will revisit if repeatable with latest version.
Additional Informationtlsa added a note on Sat Sep 18 12:36:30 2010

Thanks for reporting.

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Vincent Sanders   
2013-12-23 15:32   
All browsers seem to leave the strong on but only netsurf gets the numbering wrong

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