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0000470NetSurf[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-04-08 23:362014-02-09 16:21
ReporterTony Moore 
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Product Version2.0 
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Summary0000470: yahoo groups blank page
Description leads to a blank page (apart from the header, etc). You will not be able to access the url above, because it is password protected, so I have attached a full-save, and html-save, ot the page. NetSurf 2.0 (08 Apr 2009 11:15) r7065

Additional InformationImported from sourceforge bug on Tue Dec 10 17:34:12 2013

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Vincent Sanders   
2013-12-24 10:59   
Our layout simply fails on these yahoo pages they are full of javascript and numerous other things NetSurf does not support
Tony Moore   
2014-02-09 16:21   
Vincent, you're right. I've checked again using NS 1700
Yahoo Groups now seems to be totally unusable with NS, so please remove this report from the tracker


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