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0000382NetSurfJavascriptpublic2013-06-05 21:112015-03-10 23:38
ReporterDave Higton 
Assigned ToVincent Sanders 
PlatformIyonixOSRISC OSOS Version5.18
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Target Version3.3Fixed in Version3.3 
Fixed in CI build #2623
Reported in CI build #
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Summary0000382: Crash on closing a window while page is loading
DescriptionRepeat of bug 3608526, which has been closed although the problem still occurs and never stopped occurring.

If you set NS loading a page, and close the window while the page is loading, NS crashes. The attached crash log is from doing that with a page from the BBC's new web site with NS CI 0001249 json and enabled but it's done it with hundreds of versions for a while now (the original report was with CI 0000985 and that was far from the first).

Fully repeatable, not site specific, AFAICS.

Iyonix, RO 5.18, 512 MiB.
Additional InformationImported from sourceforge bug on Tue Dec 10 17:34:12 2013
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duplicate of 0002279closed Vincent Sanders Spontaneous crash. 
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Vincent Sanders   
2013-12-11 16:27   
This appears to be specific to RISC OS

From the log stacktrace:
  ( 652c28) pc: 77b4c lr: 9385c sp: 652c2c js_exec()
  ( 652c5c) pc: 93654 lr: 3aa74 sp: 652c60 ^convert_script_sync_cb()
  ( 652d30) pc: 3a754 lr: 3ad74 sp: 652d34 ^hlcache_migrate_ctx()
  ( 652dd8) pc: 3ab50 lr: 3bd8c sp: 652ddc ^hlcache_llcache_callback()
  ( 652e0c) pc: 3bc10 lr: 3c65c sp: 652e10 ^llcache_object_notify_users()
  ( 652e24) pc: 3c634 lr: 3ae20 sp: 652e28 llcache_poll()
  ( 652e34) pc: 3ae14 lr: 5ded4 sp: 652e38 hlcache_poll()
  ( 652e4c) pc: 5deac lr: b8f64 sp: 652e50 netsurf_main_loop()
  ( 652fe8) pc: b89f4 lr: 4bdd40 sp: 652fec main()

which seems to indicate that closing the window fails to abort the fetch correctly and when the script callback executes the script it goes bang for obvious reasons.

should convert_script_sync_cb() in handling CONTENT_MSG_DONE skip the execution if the parent content has been aborted? certainly I am unable to reproduce this on gtk or framebuffer frontends.
Michael Drake   
2014-01-03 17:30   
With nsgtk you need to be quick.

Open click BBC News link, and immediately Shift+Ctrl+W (close window).

Vincent Sanders   
2015-03-07 18:52   
I think I have finally fixed this issue alongside two others with the same root cause. can I ask you to please confirm with CI build 2623 ?
Michael Drake   
2015-03-07 22:34   
I can't reproduce the segfault with the latest version.

It does seem to load a lot of lwc strings on exit though.
Dave Higton   
2015-03-08 14:35   
I have given build 2625 a good thrash and have been unable to break it, so it looks like it's fixed. Thank you!
Vincent Sanders   
2015-03-10 23:38   
Confirmed fixed in 3.3 release

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